High School

Hello Monday, it is NOT good to see again.  Especially considering I have to be at work at 7:30 this morning.  Blegh.  Thank goodness for morning coffee y’all, cuz that is the only thing that is gonna keep me going today.

So over the weekend, I was browsing through my Facebook albums when I stumbled on one I created when I first started using Facebook.  The album is entitled “High School” and has the following heading: “All these pictures are of me in high school.  You know…cheerleading and stuff.”   (There are no pictures of me doing any cheering and yes I was a cheerleader in high school, which shouldn’t surprise any of you at all).

It made me realize a few things about myself in high school.

 1. I hardly took any pictures in high school at all, because I didn’t have a camera.  Well I didn’t have a digital camera, so all the pictures I did take were with a film camera.  And most of said pictures from said camera are floating around my mom’s house back in Texas.

(Prom Fall 2005)

2.  That I didn’t hate high school like the majority of people say they did.  But I talk to exactly 2 people from high still.

3.  Apparently my clothes had to match.  Everything in this picture is turquoise….even my shoes (which you cannot see cuz this picture sucks.)

(San Francisco 2006)

4.  Selfies were a thing, way before Instagram.  (PS. I apologize for this picture.  I’m sure I thought I was real cool while I was taking it.  Now I know better.)

(Trip to California 2006)

5. I clearly paid lots of attention in English class while we were studying the Classics.

(AP English 2005, clearly it was Halloween.)

6. I thought I could maybe be a model someday.  (I’m also really glad I moved to Florida because I’m no where near as pale as I was in high school)

(Drama field trip to Austin, TX for the UIL state competition Spring 2005.  I don’t remember taking this picture at all.)

7. Cheer camp in the summer of 2005 is why I hate pulling my bangs straight back.

(Cheer camp in Ruisdoso, NM summer 2005)
There are exactly 8 photos in that Facebook album.  And I’m really wishing there were more because I would have more to share with y’all AND I would have more pictures to make fun of.  Because I may have been super involved in high school but my choice in clothing was seriously questionable.  
Plus it’s always fun to take a walk down memory lane.  
So what does looking at old high school pictures of YOU make you realize about yourself in high school?  

4 thoughts on “High School

  1. I was a short (still), chunky little thing in high school….good times! I actually went through a TON of high school pictures with 2 girlfriends the other day…oh the memories (aka what the hell was I thinking haha)LOVE!PS….my favorite one is of you chugging the Pepsi 😉


  2. I, also, only talk to two people from HS. Your pictures are FAR less tragic than mine are! UGH! I really like the matching photo HAHAHAoh and ovbi the halloween pic!


  3. You don't remember taking that picture because I TOOK IT OF YOU! Hehehe that is when we all ditched watching one of the shows. Aww our amazing friendship began to bloom! Looking at my high school pictures makes me seriously question my hair choices and clothing choices. Also, makes me realize that my true friends are the ones that are still in my life. (which are few but I am happy with it!)The pictures also make me miss drama soooooo much. Honestly, that is the only part I miss though! I LOVED THIS POST AND LOVE YOU! (one month woohoo!!)


  4. This is a great post! I love looking back through old pictures and more often than not I question my hair/clothing style too haha. P.S.my high school mascot was the eagles too 🙂


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