Target Comic Con

I skipped yesterdays challenge because, quite frankly, I didn’t have any advice.  (PS. I’ve always wanted to use that phrase! lol )  But seriously, it’s true.  I could not think of a single piece of advice to share with y’all.  So I remembered that there are no rules to the challenge, so I skipped.


Now, day 9:  share a moment of your day.  

Yesterday I realized that when I have nothing to do, I Instragram like a crazy person.  I Instagramed 5 different pictures! Where as when I’m busy I Instagram one or two at most.  Anyway, the point of this rambling is I couldn’t decide which moment of my day I wanted to share.

But I’ve decided to go for a humorous moment.

These were taken yesterday while friends from work and I were browsing around Target.  We all love Marvel so we went to the toy section and started playing with the superhero toys.  It was fun.

The caption on this picture is, “We ran into Darth Vader and Captain America dookin it out, then the Hulk stole Captain America’s shield and partied with Iron Man.  While Iron Patriot and Batman hung out.” #tartgetcomiccon #nerdfusion #wecool

We got some funny looks playing in the toy isle.  Bit it was totally worth it.

My best friend from home is in town!!!  We’re off to hang out at the Magic Kingdom today! WOO HOO!

2 thoughts on “Target Comic Con

  1. Ohh, that looks like so much fun. In H.S there was never anythig to do in my town so we played around at Walmart. If you would have told me not everyone did that we would have said you were crazy.


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