Playing a Little Catch Up

My best friend came into town this weekend, which explains my lack of keeping up with the challenge over the weekend.  But my life is now back to its regularly scheduled programming.

So let’s play catch up, shall we.

Day 10: Most embarrassing moment.

Like any normal human being, I’ve had several embarrassing moments in my 25 years.  Today though I’m gonna share just one.  When I was in college I a Disney College Program Campus Rep.  Basically, I do all the leg work to get college students interested in doing the same College Program that made me obsessed with this company.  Every semester we have two huge presentations where a recruiter comes and tells all these students about the program.  At the end of the presentation, all the Campus Reps come to the front of the room and tell everyone about our experiences.  Well, I’m up there telling my story in front of about 150 college students, when someone asks me if I’ve ever met anyone famous.  Here is my response.

“Well no one super famous, but I did ride the Jonas Brothers in an elevator.”

WHOOPS!  I quickly backed tracked and corrected myself, but not before I turned bright red, said that was NOT what I meant at all, apologized a million times and then wanted to bury myself under the carpet.  Everyone cracked up of course for the next 10 minutes and my recruiter looked like she was beat me with a stick.

Needless to say, my fellow Reps never let me live that one down. And the story is repeated every time we all get together.


Day 11: Sell yourself in 10 words or less.


Man, bragging about yourself is hard.  I do have one questions though.  Why the hell am I still single? I mean, I’m awesome! ; )


Day 12: What do you miss?

I’m an adult now.  I have a ton of grown up responsibilities.  Most of which center on making sure I pay all my bills on time, making sure I can keep the roof over my head, and of course food in my stomach.  Of course being a grown up has its perks, but I totally miss being a kid.  I miss having someone else decide things for me.  I miss having my mom or dad make dinner every night.  I miss fighting with my brother.  I miss Lisa Frank.  I miss not having to worry about anything other than getting my math homework done.

I miss childhood.

Woo hoo! Caught up! 🙂

And on that note….HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY to the BEST MUMMY in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! 🙂  I adore you and am so glad your my MOM! 🙂

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