A Happy List

Today I’m spending the whole day (and most likely night) packing up my apartment.  I’ve spent the last 2 years living in the this apartment and have made some wonderful memories.  But in the last couple months I’ve come to hate this apartment.  I’m 100% ready to get the hell of of it and into a fresh, new one.

Packing is going to suck though!  
Thank goodness today’s challenge is a good one.  
Day 14:  List 10 things that make you really happy.

1. Morning coffee while laying bed.
2. A clean apartment with good smells drifting through the house.
3. Taking pictures with my best friends.
4. Re-reading my favorite books. (Harry Potter has probably been read about a hundred times each.
5. Going to the movies, either alone or with friends.
6. Pretty flowers, especially fresh ones.
7. Going to Barnes and Noble drinking Starbucks .
8. Family.  They are the best!
9.  Having freshly painted nails (be they fingers or toes.)
10. Sadie.  Just looking at her makes me so glad I adopted her.  

Happy lists are just the best.

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