The Weekend that Went From Good to Not So Good

I fully intended to sit down after an amazing steak dinner that my Dad was going to cook us, and write a really great “here’s what I did on my weekend and it was just perfect” post on Sunday night but then as I was driving to Sonic with my best friend early on Sunday afternoon, I got some not so fantastic news.

My grandmother is in the hospital.

She had a stroke in December and was here for about 3 weeks but recovered nicely and was sent home.  She had a small stint in the hospital for something called vertigo (which I’m still not sure what that is) 2 weeks ago.  Apparently its like a very severe case of motion sickness….anyway she was sent home, started doing some type of therapy that really helped and then the night before last she fell.

It was the middle of the night and I guess she was going to the bathroom and didn’t use her walker and boom…….said fall resulted in a fractured back.  Needless to say she is in a lot of pain if she moves into a certain position.

So instead of eating steak, my parents and I jumped in the care and drove straight to Lubbock, Texas where she was airlifted.

I’m pleased to report though that she is doing great!  She had rough night last night, doctors were slightly worried about her breathing but she’s been fully alert all day today.  Little forgetful here and there but hey she’s like 75 and to be honest I can’t even remember major specifics of my week last week. So there ya go.

She’ll be back back surgery on either Wednesday or Thursday…so we’ll staying at least until then.  Saving grace is that the hospital has free WI-FI (thank you technology) so I will hopefully pop out some posts later this week.

So that is mostly how I ended my weekend.  I started it with some babysitting, a friend of my mom’s little girl.  We watched Frozen, colored and went on a treasure hunt.   Incidentally, watching Frozen (and Disney movies in general) is WAY more fun with a 4 year old.  She sang all the songs and when it was time for “Let It Go” she even got up and danced just like Elsa!  It was ADORABLE!

Then a trip to the ball park on Friday night happened.  My brother scored us some pretty sweet tickets to El Paso’s brand new Triple A baseball teams home game.  They’re called the El Paso Chihuahuas (yeah I laughed my you know what off when I heard that was their mascot).  We sat right behind the opposing teams dugout on the first base line.  It was the perfect evening for a little bit of family bonding.

Saturday was spent  with my best friend for a good old fashion dinner, movie, and sleepover.  We did a dinner and movie package and saw Jersey Boys.  Now I really need to see it on Broadway because I’ve heard that if you’ve seen it on Broadway the movie sucks.  Since that is not the case for me, I throughly enjoyed the movie!

Pretty eventful, huh!  I’m very grateful that my Grandmother is doing so well, she gave us a little bit of a scare when we first heard that she had taken a fall. So prayers that she continues to get better are definitely needed! : )

2 thoughts on “The Weekend that Went From Good to Not So Good

  1. 1. I'm so sorry about your Grandma! I'm glad to hear she's doing somewhat better, though. A guy I work with has vertigo and I didn't know what it was either!2. SO GLAD YOU'RE BLOGGING AGAIN!Sending lots of good vibes your way, girl!xo, Jess


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