Happy 1st Birthday to the Little Prince

One year ago today I was not blogging.  So I never got to gush over a very special event that happened on this day last year.

I remember exactly where I was.

I was sitting in the DRC, which is the phone rooms at Disney World.  Part of my job with Guest Relations was to make dining reservations over the phone for guests.  Anywho, I was sitting in the DRC when I got an alert on my phone.  Upon reading said alert I jumped up and started squealing.  This caused everyone else in the DRC to jump and ask me what the hell what the matter.

“Prince William and Kate are in LABOR!!!! THE BABY IS COMING!”

Well that was all I could think about for the rest of the day.  I literally sat at my work computer and had the live feed that every single news station in the world was streaming.  I simply could not wait to hear whether or not the Duke and Duchess had had a girl or boy.  Will there be a new little prince or princess.

No one else in the DRC gave two shits and I’m pretty sure they were more entertained by my obnoxious reaction to the event then the actual event itself.

Obviously no work at all got done that afternoon.  I mean a royal baby was about to be born! How am I supposed to concentrate with all that excitement happening.

After many hours of waiting and staring at the Lindo Wing of St. Marys Hospital then announcement was finally made via official announcement and of course on the internet:

Yes, I snapped a picture of the announcement and immediately posted it on Instagram.

Then the next day we waited yet again for them to officially appear with their new little prince! And it was the cutest ever when they finally made their brief appearance before driving away with an extra little bundle of joy!

Now here we are one year later and little Prince George is 1 year old!

I’ve obviously followed every single minute that they have officially shared about the 2 future kings and future queen.  From their first official family photo, to his christening, and to their trip to New Zealand and Australia.

He is just the cutest!


Now I need to have a baby girl in the next 2-3 years so she and George can meet and fall in love.  I mean they’ve already broken with tradition when William married a commoner, it’s only fitting for George to marry and America!  RIGHT?  Right.

One thought on “Happy 1st Birthday to the Little Prince

  1. I definitely got way more excited than I should have about the baby of people I don't know when George was born! Also, I love your plan! Fool proof.


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