Today we are going back in time.  Ok did anyone else just think of the theme song from Back to the Future after reading that?  Cuz that was my intention.  
We are gonna go all the way back to a very special year in my book.  1988.  Why is that special?  Well because its when I was born!! WOO HOO!!!!  Yay for being born in the 80s!  Not that I remember anything from the 80s.  But I am a history teacher and this year I learned quite a bit about the decade, before I had to teach it to my students.
So….here are a few fun facts about 1988.  You know other than the fact that I was born:
– The Cold War was STILL going on. Granted it would end very soon. But not in 1988.  Y’all that mess started in 1947.  Longest “war” ever.
– Doppler radar was invented:  this is news to me…but thank you Christian Doppler.  
– Table Tennis became an Olympic sport, which would then pave the way for Forrest Gump to join the US team and then go to Communist China.  (If you haven’t seen Forrest Gump get on that ASAP.  Some of my students this year didn’t even know who Tom Hanks was.  Shame on them.)
– Disney only released 1 noteworthy movie and that was Oliver and Company.  Please tell me y’all have seen that movie.  
– Ronald Reagan starts the year as President and George H.W. Bush finishes the year President. (Side note: Did you know Ronald Reagan was an actor first and even helped MC the opening of Disneyland in 195….now you know!) 
-Fashion statements of the year included: Penny Loafers and Levi jeans with the cuffs rolled up
Top 5 Movies of 1988:
1. Rain Man 
2. Who Framed Roger Rabbit
3. Coming To America
4. Big
5. Twins

Top 5 TV Shows:
1. The Cosby Show (NBC)
2. A Different World (NBC)  I love this show! It’s a spin off of the Cosby Show!
3. Cheers (NBC)
4. The Golden Girls (NBC)  This still gets watched pretty much every morning.
5. Growing Pains (ABC)
Top 5 Songs
1. Faith – George Michael
2. So Emotional – Whitney Houston
3. Got My Mind Set on You – George Harrison
4. The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson
5. Need You Tonight – INXS

Prices of some random things:
Movie Ticket: $3.50  ( Oh how I wish wish WISH this were still the case.  Whatever I still pay $10-13 and don’t feel bad about it.) 
US Postage Stamp: 24 cents
Dozen Eggs: 65 cents 
Gallon 2% Milk: $1.89 
1 gallon of gas: 91 cents  ( I’m sorry WHAT!!!!!!!! This is just unfair.) 

And now for your viewing pleasure…..a series of adorable baby pictures that span from before birth (as pictured below) to 5 months after my first birthday when my little baby brother Drew is born.

#tbt #babypictures #1988 #cutestbabyever #justaskmyparents

Mom at her baby shower for little ol me.

4 day old little baby.

That blanket can still be found in our blanket cabinet at my parents house.  It is mega soft and will be used for my own children one day.  Also I just noticed that flamingo chillin with some other toys in the background.  Weird.

I’m guessing this was a 6 month picture.  But I honestly have no idea and my Mom isn’t around for me to ask her.

Baby’s First Christmas!

Baby’s First Trip to New Orleans!  I’ve now been there 3 times.  Once as an infant, once as an adolescent, and once as an adult.  It’s way more fun as an infant and an adult.  
As an infant I remember nothing and as an adult, I wish I remembered nothing.  I much prefer NOLA in the daytime. Nighttime the crazies come out.  But it is beautiful city!  

Umm…excuse me….what are doing in my crib?  I imagine that’s what I’m thinking in this picture.
Also, I still have that baby. Her name is Audrey and she’s currently hanging out on top of my TV in my bedroom at home home, as in my parents home.  She’s still completely intact and will also be given to my daughter one day. 

And here is where I went from being Kathleen to Kac.  My brother and I are only 17 months apart I was born in ’88 and he in ’89.  
I love and adore him. Even though my face suggests otherwise in this picture. hehe
I just love looking at baby pictures.  My mother did a fantastic job of keeping loads of photo albums from birth until my brother and I were like 13.  Then she stopped.  womp womp.  But the ones she does have are a blast to look at and I’m glad we have them for the next generation of the family!
Have a terrific Thursday! 🙂 
Disclaimer:  All the facts I got about the 1988 were found here, here, and here.  

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  1. My mom also did a really good job of taking pictures of us until about middle school, but I'm kind of glad about that because those years are definitely the most awkward looking!


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