One Photo per Hour for One Whole Day

I am currently sitting on the back porch of my families cabin in the mountains in New Mexico.  The cabin has been in my mom’s family for about…….well a long time.  I don’t know how long exactly but at least since my mom was in high school.

It is definitely a perk having this thing.  Especially since the family all concurred that we needed Wi-Fi and cable. Not very rustic but who cares.  This is def my kind of “roughing it.”

So today we are tasked with sharing one picture from every hour of our day.  I chose yesterday, because again something was actually happening and I had semi-interesting things to take pictures of…kind of….I think….I’ll let you be the judge!


7:00am:  Woke up but immediately rolled over.  You don’t want see my ugly mug in the morning.  It’s not a pretty site.

8:00 am
First things first.  Cannot have a productive day without this stuff.  Plus I get a little headache if I don’t have at least one cup of coffee in the morning.

9:00 am
I had yet to write my post for Friday (which you can read here) so I plopped down with my second cup and the TV on and got to writing.  I watched X-Men…in case you were wondering.  I wish I was a mutant.  It’d be pretty sweet to have some type of power.

10:00 am
Failed miserably early on and forgot to take a picture.  Plus I’m 90% sure I was actually IN the shower and this blog is rated PG (for language on occasion) so you don’t get to see that!

11:00 am
Time to get my face ready for the day. This is my vanity in my childhood home. Thus why you see a strange assortment of objects, such as the Lucky Carebear, Winnie-the-Pooh and I think that’s Donald.  Oh and that weird purple ball.  Strange I know.

12:00 pm
By noon I’m ready to hit the road.  Its about a 2 and a half hour drive from El Paso to Ruidoso.  It’s just an overnight trip so I didn’t need much.  I’m heading home late this evening.  I actually forgot my toiletries bag so I may be looking at a brushing my teeth with my finger situation.  womp womb.

1:00 pm
So I don’t know if you’re aware of this but anytime you leave El Paso, you MUST stop at an inspection station.  It’s the US Border Patrol and they are there to make sure no one illegal is trying to get deeper into the states.  They also catch people who are trying to deal drugs.  (Willie Nelson got caught like 2 years ago on his tour bus at one of these babies).

Anyway they stop you then ask if everyone in the car is an American citizen, you say yes, then you’re on sent on your way.

Unless they have a drug dog and said drug dog leaps toward your car, then they ask you to pull over, step out and proceed to check your car for drugs via the dog.  That happened to me on my drive from Texas to Florida 3 years ago.

This time I just awkwardly called the agent ma’am, got embarrassed, mumbled an apology and drove off.  It was weird.

2:00 pm
By this time I’m in a small town just outside of Ruidoso and am annoyed.  Because said small town is the one and only place I’ve EVER gotten pulled over and given a speeding ticket. The cop was a ass and gave it to me on my 18th birthday.  (Ps. Yeah yeah I know….I shouldn’t selfie and drive but it was needed to document the occasion.)  I HATE that town.

3:00 pm
Finally reached my destination!  I met my parents and Uncle at the horse races.  Which I’m not a huge fan of because I don;t really see the point of betting on a horse in hopes that it runs the fastest.  Plus I never win.  I mostly went for the company and so I wasn’t sitting at home like a loser.  And because I really liked my outfit choice for the day! 🙂

4:00 pm
I told them to smile so I could use this for my blog.  Everyone cooperated save for my father.  Thanks Dad! This is your big internet debut and you look like I’m torturing you!  He never smiles in pictures so at least its an accurate representation.

5:00 pm
Around this time I found myself at my Grandad’s second wife’s house.  I haven’t seen her in ages because I’ve been in Florida for the last 3 years.  One thing I noticed though was that she has zero pictures of our family in the main living room/kitchen.  The only place she has them is where my Grandad used to keep his clothes, so it was dubbed “his room”.  This dresser is covered in pictures of the grandkids.  But anyway, I thought it was weird. She was my grandmother for 14 years!

6:00 pm
Oops! Failed again!

7:00 pm
Made to our cabin!! This is the view from the front porch!  I love this place.  It is solo peaceful and full of wonderful memories! I can’t wait to bring my future family here.

8:00 pm
We had a BBQ dinner that was pretty darn tasty from this place.   I could probably eat Brisket and potato salad like 4 times a week if I could.  It’s one of my favorites!

I didn’t take anymore after 8 o’clock because the rest of the evening was spent in front of the TV.  Very fun and picture worthy. Oh wait…
Anywho…there ya have it.  Now I’m off to enjoy a day of shopping with my mama downtown.  They have the cutest little area with some tasty restaurants and shops.  One clothing shop in particular is my absolute favorite!! Can’t wait to see what kind of goodies they have today! 🙂

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