The Week of Grown Up Activities

Last week was a whirl-wind of what I like to call “Grown Up” activities.  I may be 26 and have a legitimate job and have benefits and all that jazz but I still don’t feel really “grown up”.

(And NO I’m not talking about THOSE kind of grown up activities people!  Get your minds out of the gutter…’s Monday!)

I think the best example of what I mean by this is when I was in Lubbock a few weeks ago since my grandmother was in the hospital and the doctor came in while my parents were out running an errand.  He started talking all medically (not a word but whatever…it is now) and my eyes kinda glazed over and I had to ask him to tell me all that information again so I could pass it on to the “real grown ups.” He chuckled at that and nodded and said “Oh right”.

Anyway, point is, I don’t always feel like a real grown up.  I sometimes feel like I’m just pretending and that at any moment I’m gonna snap out of it and like be living at home or something.

So what were some of “Grown Up” actives from the week you ask?

1. Drove across the state of Texas solo.  Now I did this several times in college.  But it’s been 3 years since college, so its been awhile.  And before the summer is over I’ll have done it 4 times.  Two of which were on my own.  You’re probably thinking “drive across Texas….big deal!” But y’all, I don;t know if you know this, but Texas is HUGE! It took me 10-11 hours to drive.  It was NOT fantastic.

Take right before I started my first 11 hour trek across the great state of Texas.  No idea why I’m smiling at that prospect!

2. Signed my contract for my new school in Houston.  I finally was able to announce to all my friends and family that I got a job in Houston.  I wanted to wait till I had officially signed everything and it was officially official before I told anyone other than immediate family and friends.  I also signed up for all my benefits so come September 1st I’m fully insured once again.  If that’s not grown up I don’t know what else is!

3. Moved into my new house.  This experience seriously deserves a post all its own because it was a nightmare! A few things went wrong in terms of moving into the house but I think I’ll save that for later in the week.

This is also the reason I wasn’t able to post anything last week because we are without internet and cable until August 9th.  Luckily I’m not officially heading back till the 10th. So thankfully I’ll miss that. #firstworldproblems  But all in all I LOVE the house and am super excited to show it to y’all when we get it all fixed up.

4. Hung out with my best friend from college and her family.  Now why would this be considered a grown up activity?  Well because my best friend, Monica, is probably the most grown up person I know.  She has a kick ass job, owns her home, and has a loving husband and ADORABLE new baby girl.  Who I am totally obsessed with.  Monica is my first friend to have a baby and I love her to pieces.  Her name is Charley and she is one of the prettiest babies you will ever see.  Now I may be just the tiniest bit bias because she is my first niece by she’s just gorgeous!  I am so glad I will be there to watch her grow up!

Look at those rolls.  I just love this little girl! 

See what I mean by Grown Up activities?  Fun and stressful and wonderful.  I guess that’s what being a grown up is though.  A big mix of fun and stress all tossed together to hopefully make something thats wonderful!!  🙂

And in a totally unrelated note to this post.  Sadie, my fur-baby, has been staying at my parents house while I’ve been getting things ready in Houston.  She’s only a year and half old and loves to play.  My parents cats on the other hand are old ladies!  Especially Rosie, she’s 18!  Anyway on Saturday I watched as Sadie tried to get Rosie to play with her.  It was the cutest thing.  Poor Sadie, Rosie was totally uninterested.

I fully intended to post the video but I can’t figure out how.  I tried…and failed…womp womp.  But if you follow me on Instagram you can see it there! 🙂

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Have a great Monday! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Week of Grown Up Activities

  1. Wow 11 hour drive? I see why you needed Starbucks. I hear ya about faking grown up. I'm 29 but pretty much am only responsible for myself. When I hang out with nephews I automatically feel like I'm not an adult haha \”how does this baby thing work?!\”Thanks for linking up with MMG 🙂


  2. I think you're probably smiling because of the Starbucks? That's just a guess, but I generally make that face when I have a Starbucks cup in my hand!


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