True Life: I’m a Published Photographer Thanks to Cosmo

At the beginning of July my Mom and I drove from Florida to Texas.  We broke the drive up into 3 parts.  First we drove from Orlando to Destin, then Destin to Houston, and finally Houston to El Paso. 
Now obviously being the car for that long requires multiple diversions.  Because you can only look at the scenery for so long.  I have a Nook HD which is super convenient because it holds all of my books, magazines, I can get on the internet with a WiFi connection, I can watch movies, etc.  Basically its a mini-tablet.  And I love it.  
One of the best parts is the magazines.  I’m a Cosmo reader and Nook offers a fantastic option as far as a Cosmo subscription goes.  I pay $1.99 a month and the magazine automatically downloads to my Nook.  It’s pretty awesome.  
So as we were on our last part of the drive from Houston to El Paso my Nook had downloaded the August issue of the magazine.  And I thought PERFECT!  Gives me something to do as we drive through the Texas desert.
As I was flipping through the magazine I came up on the section that showcases Instagram pictures of places and ways that Cosmo readers read the magazine.  You just have to tag @Cosmopolitan and #MyCosmo in your picture and then they choose 4 pictures to appear in the next issue.  So I thought hey I’m driving across Texas AND reading the magazine via a tablet..obviously they’ll pick my picture….I’m gonna go for it! 
It took me a few shots to get the picture just right because the lighting in the car at that point SUCKED but I finally manipulated it enough (thank you Instagram) to where I was happy with it.  This was the end result.
The caption on the picture was:
Thank you @Cosmopolitan for keeping me entertained as we drive across Texas, I don’t know what I would do without you. #MyCosmo #kathleencrosscountry #8hourdrive
Picture posted, I moved on and basically forgot I had posted the picture…….until yesterday!  
I glanced at my phone and saw I had a new comment on one of my pictures….opened up Instagram and saw the comment was on my Cosmo picture.  
Sorry for yelling but I am beyond excited!  An editorial assistant with Cosmo let me know.  AND I’m going to get $50 because they’re using my picture!  It’s seriously one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me!

Thanks Cosmo for picking my picture!! 🙂  
And be sure to pick up the September issue of Cosmo and you can say you read the blog of a published photographer!! 🙂

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