The New Kid

Well it’s Wednesday, which means I totally failed on my whole, ” I’m gonna blog on Mondays, Wednesday, and Fridays” statement from Friday.  But y’all I have been like the freaking Energizer Bunny since I got to Houston last Sunday.  It’s seriously been go go go go GO.

When I wasn’t at work I was driving all over the city with my new roomie looking for furniture to put in our super strangely shaped new house AND for my bedroom.  
PLUS….my computer is acting like a total weirdo and I’m NOT happy about it.  One minute the screen is zooming in and out, the next my mouse won’t let me move it where I want it to move, then the mouse freezes and starts giving me definitions of the word that its hovering over at the moment it decides to freeze.  
All of these things combined have made it pretty difficult to sit down and write.  But I’m powering through to give you a few of my thoughts on being “the new kid.”
I’ve been the “new kid” three times in my entire life.  The first was when I first moved to Florida to work for Disney.  As one of the interns we were the new “babies” of Guest Relations.  Then last year I was the one the new teachers at East River.  And now I’m once again one of the new teachers at my new school.  

For some reason I’m more aware of being the “new kid”  this year than I ever have been before.  And here are the reasons why:
1. Even though this is my second year teaching I feel like I’m starting my first year.  Mostly this is because that is the way my new fellow teachers are treating me.  I appreciate all their advice but this isn’t my first rodeo kids.  Yes I’m still learning and I may not know my way around this new school yet, but I do know my way around classroom management and that I need to start off strict and ease up as the year progresses.  
2. I constantly find myself saying “Well in Florida…..they do it like this.”  I’m sure everyone is sick of hearing it but come on people its all I know.  
3. When I’ve made suggestion I don’t think my team is really listening.  That’s not to say I don’t absolutely adore my new team members because I do. It’s just that they have been teaching together for the last 3 years so they are pretty in sync with each other.  I don’t get a lot of their inside jokes and things like that.  This will go away with time…but the feelings are still there.
4. Everyone keeps asking me if I’m overwhelmed yet.  I mean yes a tad if only because I’m at a new school….but I’m not at all overwhelmed with the whole teaching thing.  I may only have 1 year of experience but I learned a lot last year and I did a really good job.  I’m not at all worried about that part.

5. I keep getting told to take it easy and just focus on teaching this year.  Fact is I was the JV cheer coach during my first year and yeah it was a little tough because I had to be out till midnight on Thursdays and up at 5 the next morning. But I LOVED doing something other than teaching and I will be fine if I decide to coach cheer, or sponsor a club, or whatever else I may want to do to get involved.

The point is while I may be the “new kid” at my new school, I’m not a new teacher.  Even if you only have 1 year of experience, it’s still 1 year of experience.  And that means something.

This post wasn’t meant to be so poor pitiful me.  I promise, I’m beyond excited to be starting a brand new school year.  I especially can’t wait to show off my completed classroom with you.  I love how it has turned out.  But that is for another post!  

3 thoughts on “The New Kid

  1. The new kid feeling always sucks. I hate it. I know it's a challenge, but once the school year gets into full swing, everyone will be so busy with their classes and kids they'll hopefully stop pestering you 🙂


  2. I hate that new kid feeling. I once had a boss tell me that on average it takes 6-9 months for an employee to be totally comfortable with a new position, which at the time I didn't believe, but now feel is pretty accurate. Good luck!


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