First Day of School! First Day of School!

Well it’s Monday! The first official day of school for pretty much all the kids in Texas.  I for one am very excited!  I’ve got my first day of school outfit all picked out (which you can see via Instagram!), my classroom is ready, and so am I.  
The weekend was uneventful, which is exactly what I wanted.  I wanted to just relax and refuel for the coming week.  I’m so glad I took the time to do that, because I’m planning to throw myself into this school year.  
Now I’d like to take you on a little tour of my classroom!  I am so excited with the way it turned out.  It’s super inviting and has a real homey feel to it.  I wanted to create a space that is fun to look at, where kids feel safe and welcome, and is a place where they want to come and learn.  Plus I threw in a few things that show the kids my personality!  
So without further ado……. 
I’m big on color themes in a classroom.  And I love for everything to match.
This year I went with a cheetah print, bright turquoise and splash of pink for my room.  I think it came together VERY nicely, if I do say so myself.
This is the view as you first walk into my class.  
I’m a little leery of having tables as opposed to desks.  Because you know how kids love to chit chat, but they’ll be good for group work and stuff. It will be interesting when it comes time to take a test though.  

Wall directly to the left when kids walk in.  
This is where the kids will find important dates and birthdays (I plan to put the students birthdays on the calendar), they’ll turn in work, and the folders on the walls will be where they can find the work they missed if absent.
You can also find my Word Wall here, all the important vocabulary the kids need to know for the STAAR test will be found here. 

View of the back wall of the class.  
This is from last year, the map of the world and the posters were given to me by a fellow teacher from ERHS.
The pictures are from calendars.  There of important landmarks from around the world.  
I love this wall! 🙂

Those crates are where students will keep their ISNs or Interactive Student Notebooks.
This will be my first time using ISNs, I’m excited and nervous about using them.  They take a lot of work and you have to be very meticulous about them so your students don’t get too confused.  
I plan to have them leave them in class everyday so they don’t get lost!

My desk and 1 of 2 white boards in my room. 

Here’s the front of the room.
I have my Classroom Rules and Consequences of breaking the rules posted at the front of the room so students can always see them.  
Also where the students can see the objective, agenda, and homework for the day.

Here is my personal little space!
I had planned on doing what I did to my desk last year, which was wrap it in wrapping paper.  But my wonderful roommate suggested fabric that she would sew to make a curtain for around the desk.
So a few yards of cheetah print fabric later, some turquoise and gold ribbon and a glue gun later….WAH-LA! 
Our mascot is the Owls so I went and found that cute grey owl cookie jar at World Market and the little orange one at Ross.  Y’all owls are EVERYWHERE!  It’s taken all I’ve got to not buy every single one I see.

Here’s a look at the top of my desk itself.

I covered my file cabinet with pink wrapping paper and bought some cheetah print letters that I used in various spots around the room.
I’ve ordered some of my Instagram pictures and will putting them on the wall behind my desk to add a little more me to my little space.  I put my college grad cap back there and a picture of Leonardo DiCaprio from The Great Gatsby.  
He’s there so that if I’m having a bad day I can look at him and feel better! 🙂
Plus, last year it served as a good conversation start with my students! lol

And finally here is the view from my desk of the rest of the room. 

 Well there ya have it.

What do y’all think?  Would you want to learn in a classroom like this?  Hopefully the answer is yes!

Now I’m off to my first day of school! Here’s to a great year!

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