Hello friends and welcome to the first official week of February.  
I hope your weekend was utterly delightful!  Mine was pretty eventful, and by that I mean I spent most of it on my couch watching HBO and the Walking Dead.  I did have one pretty noteworthy hour on Saturday where I went and met a match.com fellow. But you’ll have to wait until later in the week to hear all about that thrilling experience. (Hopefully you’ve picked up on the sarcasm there.)
I know January is the typical “share your new goals for the new year post.”  But I was still MIA at the beginning of January so I’m gonna use the 2nd of February to get my goals written down.  
I didn’t set goals for 2014.  Not sure why, but I guess I was so wrapped up in what was going on in my life when 2014 rolled around, that I didn’t really see the need to set any goals.  
So I went back to the goals I set at the beginning of 2013 to see if I was successful at meeting any of these goals.  And thankfully I had met at least 4 of them!  
(Click here and here to read about the accomplishment of two of the goals)
I feel like goals are important things to have because they help hold you accountable for the year.  They help give your life a sense of purpose and give you a feeling of accomplishment when one of your goals is reached.  
So without further ado here are my goals for 2015:
1. Get a new job.  I know this is going to be shocking considering we all know how much I dislike my current job but I think if I make it a goal to get a new job not a new career, just a new job in a school that I would want to work at for the next 20 years. (although I did start looking at jobs with the Department of State this morning because of a blog post I read. I haven’t completely ruled that out yet!)
2. Build my wardrobe.  Since moving to a place where it actually gets cold in the winter, I’ve realized that my wardrobe is not nearly diverse enough.  I need to add some good quality staple items that will can easily transition between the seasons.  
3. Keep blogging.  I don’t want what happened in 2014 to happen in 2015.  I WILL be better about keeping up with my blog, because it is something that I genuinely love my little piece of the internet.
4. Read at least 65 books.  If not more.
5. Say YES more.  I say no a lot.  To myself. To friends. To family.  This year I will say YES!
6. Explore my city.  I want to get out and see Houston.  I want to go to museums, parks, art galleries…….I want to see more of the place I’ve chosen to re-start my life.
7. Drink more water.  This is hard because I hate water.  But I will drink more.
8. Write more.  Letters. Blog posts. Notes to myself. Notes to others. Maybe even try my hand at NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month).  I mean I’ve read enough novels, maybe it’s time to try  writing my own.  Thank goodness I have till November to think of a plot. 
I think that’s a pretty good starting place.  The great thing about goals is that you can always create more! 
 The first month of the new year wasn’t too shabby.  Here’s to hoping the next 11 are even better! 🙂
Have a great Monday! 🙂

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