And the Oscar for Best Red Carpet Look Goes To

Y’all I am ashamed of myself.  I have yet to acknowledge that it is once again my favorite time of year.  That’s right it’s…AWARDS SEASON!!!!!  
To be completely honest I’ve been a major slacker on the awards shows this year.  I didn’t even watch the Golden Globes! (mouth hangs open in shock).  I can’t even remember why I didn’t get to watch it, all I know is that I had to record it and watch it later. (Although that wasn’t a bad thing because I found this years show to be a little, well, slow and boring.) 
Unfortunately that also means that I missed the other great part of awards season which is all the red carpet pre-shows.  I didn’t get to ooh and ahh over all the amazing gowns and over all looks each of the celebrities were wearing.  
And what’s even more unfortunate is that I’m going to be missing the Oscars Red Carpet pre-shows too!!  I know! I’m devastated!  But I guess I have a good reason for missing, I’m co-hosting my best friends baby shower that weekend.  SO yeah, that’s way more important.
Anywho, I’ve always thought it would be neat to actually get to attend a Red Carpet event (and one day I will with my future husband, Leo (as in DiCaprio).  As I watch pre-shows showcasing all the fabulous looks the celebrities are wearing, I can’t help but think about what I would wear IF I had the chance to strut the red carpet next to Meryl Streep and Kate Winslet on the arm of the gorgeous Mr. DiCaprio.
Weddington Way is an online shop that specializes in bridesmaids dresses.  What is crazy is that even before I decided to participate in their challenge I already was aware of their website.  One of my best friends is getting married next December and she has asked me to be in her wedding. And guess where we are getting our bridesmaids dresses from?  That’s right Weddington Way!  
It was SUCH a hard choice because they have some AH-MAZING dresses on their website.  But the minute I laid eyes on the gown below I just knew that it was the perfect red carpet gown for me.  
Without further ado I give you my dream red carpet look:

Here are the details:

1. Dress:  Style 7319i by Watters is a full length bridesmaid dress in sequined lace and bobbinet. It features an illusion netting v-neckline and a floor length skirt with a double-faced satin ribbon at the waist. (Description comes directly from the website).  I am just IN LOVE with this dress!  It is exactly what I think a red carpet dress should be.  Feminine, with a slight hint of vintage chic.  I think the colors are fairly unique for what you see on the red carpet nowadays.  I just adore it.

2. Hair:  I would go with a messy up-do with some soft tendrils hanging down on either side of the face.  The back of the dress goes into a deep V so having your hair up would show off more of the lace top and would allow people to get a better overall effect of the dress.

3. Jewelry:  I’m not a huge fan of over the top jewelry on the red carpet, especially with a dress as delicate as this one.  So I’ve chosen very soft blush pink crystal stud earrings from Endora Jewlery.  They can purchased for a pretty reasonable price on Etsy.  Along with delicate rose gold and diamond bracelets by Monica Vinader, which can also be purchased online.  I would stack the the bracelets on one arm and have a pretty ring or something (preferably my amazing engagement ring from Mr. DiCaprio) on the opposite hand.  No necklace, again I want eyes to be drawn to the detail of the bodice of the gown and a necklace would draw away from that.

4. Makeup:  The red carpet is a place to really shine.  And with such a demure and delicate dress I think sticking with a neutral but sparkly eye is the way to go.  
5. Nails: To add a bit of sparkle to the whole ensemble I think putting a bit of gold sparkle on a simple nude or light pink nail polish preferably from OPI as that is my nail polish brand of choice.
6. Shoes: Simple light gold high heels are the perfect finish to my red carpet look.  I wanted something classic and simple so I went with these Aerin Cocobay high heels to complete the look.
Well there you have it.  My dream red carpet look.  Classic, a tad vintage, delicate and feminine.  Now I just need to figure out a way to meet my dream celebrity man (yes Mr. DiCaprio I’m looking at you) and I can make this dream a reality! 

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