Monday, we meet again.  And I am not happy to see you.

Well hopefully you all had a fantastic weekend.  Mine was extremely relaxing, filled with a whole lotta nada.  Save for watching about 20 episodes of Entourage and catching up on the episodes I missed of the Walking Dead before it started up again last night.  Oh and a whole lot of this too……

Pretty uneventful.  Mostly because I’m trying my best to save money and the only way I feel like I can save money is to stay at home. But that’s for a post later this week.

Anyway, the weekend is over and that means it’s back to work.  And one of the worst things about going to work everyday (other than my terribly rude students) is my commute.

For those of you who have a commute to work, I know you know what I’m talking about.  I leave my house at 7:00am and I don’t pull into work until 8:00am.  Then it takes me yet another hour to get home everyday.  It is literally the worst thing in the world.  Thanks a lot Houston.  You suck.

Especially in the morning because I have an hour to dwell on the fact that I hate where I work and that I wish I could stay home and be a lady of leisure all day.

Luckily I have found ways to make the hour to and from work a little less awful and I’ve decided to share them with all of you.  In hopes that if you have a terribly long commute to work everyday you’ll be able to hate it a little less.

(This was taken during my commute.  Gotta love beautiful sunrise!)

1. Find a morning show you enjoy.   In college I listened to the Bobby Bones Show out of Austin, TX.  Since then Bobby Bones has moved to a Country radio station out of Nashville and he is syndicated all over the country……except in Houston.  So I found myself another morning show that I throughly enjoy listening to every morning.  It’s called the Roula and Ryan show.  Everyday they have a different segment that repeats every week.  Which I like because it helps me count down the days until the weekend.  For example, when they play a game called Radio Song Pop, I know it’s Wednesday or when they do Roses, I know it’s Thursday.  The routine is nice and helps the week go by faster.  Plus they’re pretty funny most of the time.

2. Listen to an Audiobook.  Why I didn’t think of this sooner I’ll never know.  But I listened to my first audiobook driving back to Houston over Christmas break.  It was the perfect thing. It helped keep me awake and aware the entire time and had me totally entertained.  I finished listening to the book on my commute to and from work.  It not only made my hour go by quickly but I didn’t have to wait till my next road trip to finish up my book!  I plan to download another one soon and use it for my commute to work.

3. Call up family and friends who live out of town. This is more of a suggestion for the drive from work in the afternoon.  Since most of the people I know don’t really have the time to chat first thing in the morning.  That hour on the way home though (around 4:30pm) is the perfect time to catch up with my Mom (who I usually talk to) and all my friends who live in other states.

4. Listen to Disney Music. Or any music that you don’t normally get to listen to.  The other day I was in the foulest mood imaginable after work.  Thank you 8th graders.  And I knew I needed to snap out of it before I got home.  So I popped in my Disney cd and jammed out to Colors of the Wind and I’ll Make A Man Out of You.  Thank you Pocahontas and Mulan.

5. Think.  I think about all kinda of things.  What I’m gonna make for dinner.  What I plan to do when I get home from work.  That I’m gonna be single for the rest of my life.  This blog post.  You name it….I’ve thought it as I’ve driven to and from work.  It’s a great time to think and let your mind wander.

Hopefully these are helpful suggestions, I know they’ve helped me out a ton to make me hate the fact that I have to drive to far to get to work.  My job will for sure be in a part of town where it takes me 25 minutes tops to get to and from work.

Alrighty lovelies, hope your Monday is full of butterflies and rainbows! 🙂

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