Weekend Update

As I type this I am watching the SNL 40 special so I figured a title that connected to that fact was appropriate!  (Lets be honest, I’m really only watching to see the N*SYNC reunion we all heard was gonna happen!)
So the weekend is over and it’s back to work.  Luckily, today is President’s Day and thus a student holiday.  Meaning while I still have to go to work, my little angels will not be present. WHOOP WHOOP! I only have a 3 day week though because I will be spending Friday getting everything prepped for my best friends baby shower!! YAY! So excited! 
I will definitely be giving a ton of details on that next.  So get excited.
For now though I’m going to give a little weekend update, because my weekend was actually eventful!  
So here’s are a couple highlights.
-Friday I got a few sweet Valentine’s from my students.  Chocolates and a super sweet card from one in particular.
-My incredibly sweet roommate, Jenny surprised me on Saturday morning with tulips, my favorite candy: Reece’s Minis, and a handmade Valentine’s card. 
-Two of my friends and I celebrated Galentine’s Day by seeing 50 Shades of Grey.  I know this movie/book has gotten A LOT of criticism and everything.  I’ve read the books myself and thing they are written horribly.  It was pretty hard to get through if only because the writing was so bad.  But to be completely honest I didn’t hate the story and so it’ll be no surprise when I say that I didn’t hate the movie.  Were there cheesy parts? Obviously.  But I’m a sucker for cheesy romance.  So yeah…didn’t hate it.  And I will most likely be seeing the sequels when those come out.  
-Saturday evening I took a trip to Hobby Lobby and bought all the crafty stuff I needed to make a super cute garland for Ashley’s baby shower this weekend.  I plan to do a small tutorial on how to make the garland in the coming weeks!
-Finished up The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau.  I really liked it and will be started the sequel before bed tonight.
-Sunday morning was spent catching up on Grey’s Anatomy.  It was incredibly sad and I cried a thousand tears per usual. 
-I also spent some quality snuggle time with my Sadie girl.  She has been in this mood where she constantly wants to be near me and I kinda love it.
-I may or may not have read an entire book on Sunday.  (Yes, aside from finishing The Testing) It was called American Duchess.  It was Downton Abbey-esqu and that is why I think I enjoyed it.  
-Rounded out the weekend with watching the SNL 40, thank goodness for DVR because now I have to watch Downton Abbey and the Walking Dead tomorrow.  (yes I have electric taste in TV shows.)
Well that’s about it.  Much more eventful than last weekend!  
Hope your weekend was as eventful, enjoyable, and relaxing as mine was! Linking up with these two lovely ladies!
PS. By the time I finished typing this last night, N*SYNC had still not performed and I was kinda made about it. 

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