Pin-spiration: EuroTrip 2015

Euro Trip 2015 is almost here.  Well when I say almost here I mean its now 135 days away.

But in case you missed the memo I’m heading for a fabulous 16 trip to Europe!  We’ll be visiting England, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and finally Italy.  It’s going to be a whirlwind trip but will be an amazing trip. (You can read more about it here!)

What has not been fun is paying for the trip. My bank account has been hurting the last couple months.  Thankfully I will have the whole thing paid for by May 8th.  So then it’ll just be about saving for spending money…you know the fun stuff.

Now since we decided we were going on this amazing trip I obviously immediately went to Pinterest and started pinning a ton.  I’ve stumbled on some fantastic blogs and websites that have a ton of great tips for traveling to Europe.

And now I’m going to share what I’ve found with all of you.

Here are some of the pins I’ve pinned to my “Across the Pond 2015” Board.  (can I just say it’s a pain in the ass to embed pins from Pinterest now).  They’ve been super helpful in planning this trip and I will I def be coming back to them many times in the next 135 days!

This website has some great tips for using your IPhone abroad. It covers how you can use your phone without an international card via the WiFi and how to go about getting an international card if you need one. What’s great it is seems like you don’t need an international card at all and most places in Europe will have some type of free WiFi.

Some of the things on here don’t apply to me but several of them do. This site gives some good tips on how to save money while your actually IN Europe.

This is the part I’m definitely NOT looking forward too.

Here we have a few more helpful reminders. They recommend things like: calling your bank and letting them know you’ll be overseas, paying your bills in advance if you know your gonna be gone when they’re due, and tell you about a neat app called VIBER which I will be forcing my mother and close to download in July!

Everything you need for in your carry on for an international flight. She has some great tips too! Love this travel blog!

These have been my favorite pins to look for. PACKING TIPS!! I am stressing over what I should and shouldn’t bring with me clothes wise for this trip. I want to look cute but I want to be comfortable too. Such a dilemma. Here’s another blog I found that has some really good advice as far as what to wear in Europe.

I’m sure I’ll find a ton more pins in the coming months.  This is going to be a trip of a life time and I cannot wait to share it with all of you when I get back.  Oh and I’m dying to know…..where all have y’all traveled to “Across the Pond?”  And if you have any travel tips and tricks for going overseas, send em my way! Happy Tuesday! 🙂

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