Currently Wishing For

Everyone has a wish list.  A list of things that they wish for.  I personally have only ever vocalized my wish list, I’ve been one to write it down or create and Amazon wish list or anything like that.  But I figured that since it’s my birthday month I would put out into the universe some of the things that I’ve been wishing for.  
Now obviously some of these things are unrealistic for the time being.  I am paying for a trip to Europe here people.  Gotta save as many pennies as I can.  
So this is a long term, when I can afford it list and a short term, what I wouldn’t mind having for my birthday list. 🙂
iMac Computer// This is the perfect example of an item on my long term list.  I’ve been wanting a desk top computer for a while now.  And since I’m obsessed with my MacBook and all my other apple products I wanna go with the iMac.  I feel like it would make blogging and school work easier to complete.
Shop Ruche// I have been eyeing this website for like 3 years and have never purchased anything. Why? No clue.  I constantly use their calendars as my wall paper on my phone, iPad, and MacBook.  And I ‘m constantly browsing through their amazing clothes.  So I think it’s about time I buy something.
New Perfume// Now when I say new, I just mean my favorite perfume.  That would be Burberry London.  It’s been my fragrance of choice for the last…..8 years?  I’ve been out for quite some time now and would love some more!
Bedroom prints// The walls in my bedroom are still incomplete.  I’ve loved this print- Be Happy. Be Bright. Be You. for a while now and I even found it once in a shop out in Tampa, Florida.  I really want to find a bunch of cute prints for a gallery wall for my bedroom.  So if you have any favorite Etsy shops that sell cute prints like the one above.  Send em my way please! 🙂
Kendra Scott earrings// Love these classic Kendra Scott earrings.  I need a pair. I’m usually a stud kinda girl but these are gorgeous and again I need them in my jewel box.  These Elsie Studs in Rose Quartz are also to die for.  
Longchamp Bag// I need a new purse and these are perfect.  My roommate and a few other friends have one and they love them.  Plus I think this would be a great carry on purse for my EuroTrip! 🙂  
Naked 2 Eyeshadow Palette// So I know this is probably super old news of many of you.  But I still adore the Naked 2 eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay.  These colors are exactly the colors I use on a daily basis.  
Canon DSLR// Yet another long term wish list item.  I would honestly be happy with the Canon that is right below the DSLR, it’s a fancier version of the canon point and shoot (and I have no idea what it’s actually called).  But this would be useful for blogging and would allow me to take fantastic pictures in Europe this summer.  

If only money grew on trees, then these wouldn’t have to be “wishes” I could just buy them! hehe.
What’s on your wish list?!

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