EuroTrip 2015: Places I’m DYING To See!

I think one of the things I’m most excited about, when it comes to EuroTrip 2015, is getting to see all the famous icons in person.  All the icons that I’ve seen countless times in TV shows, movies, posters, other blogs, and travel books. I will get to see in person.  The thought literally makes me giggle like a little girl.


I have been pouring over pictures of all these amazing places and I’ve decided to share them on my little ol blog.

Lets break it down by country, shall we?

London, England

So I’ve already been to this glorious city (I should have been born there) so I already know where I want to go and what I want to see again.  But here’s the list:

-Parliament and Big Ben

-The London Eye

-Westminster Abbey

-Notting Hill/Portabello Road- Bedknobs and Broomsticks anyone? There is a grew musical number that is all about Portobello Road in that movie.  It’s one of my all time favorite Disney films.  My mom and I went there on my first trip to London and it was amazing.

-Tower of London

-Kensington Palace/The Orangery Tea Room – We’ve made plans to make a reservation before the trip.  Just to make sure we can actually get in.  I’ve been checking the website every month to make sure we get a reservation the day we want.  Fingers crossed that I stumble on Princess Kate while there and we become BFFs.

-Kings Cross Station – Simply to see Platform 9 3/4 obviously.  I actually would love to take the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studio Tour.  But sadly I do not think that will happen.  Oh well something for next time! 🙂

-Victoria and Albert Museum

-Harrods- This is one place I didn’t get to pop into on my first trip so that WILL be happening this trip.

Paris, France

-Eiffel Tower

-The Louvre

-The Love Lock Bridge 

-Versailles – With how many times I’ve seen Man in the Iron Mask, this is is a MUST see.  I cannot wait to be strolling though this hallway.

-Notre Dame

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

-The Amsterdam sign

-Anne Frank House


-The Canals

Heidelberg, Germany
So we’re not going to any city in Germany that I know of.  We’re going to the Heidelberg region.  From what I’ve been told it’s absolutely gorgeous and there are castles that we’ll be seeing.  Here is what comes up when you Google Heidelberg region:

Yeah I’m ok with strolling along those streets and potentially visiting that castle!

Lucerne, Switzerland
Once again I’m not too familiar with Switzerland, especially Lucerne, but from what I understand it’s amazing.  I’m most excited to see Mount Pilatus and ride their epic gondola.

Italy: Verona, Venice, and Rome

-Juliet’s Balcony

-The Canal’s of Venice

-The Colosseum

-The Vatican – I’m not Catholic but I absolutely love the tradition and history behind the Catholic church so I am very excited to see The Vatican and St. Peter’s Basilica on this trip.  Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of the Pope!

-The Pantheon 

-Trevi Fountain

In just about every country I’m really excited to eat, obviously, who isn’t excited to taste the many delightful delicacies from 6 different countries.  And to just people watch.  See the locals going about their everyday lives.  Seeing life happen in a country that I’ve only ever read about.  And obviously the history nerd in me is ready to jump for joy at all the history I’m going to see first hand and in person!

I know I’ll be seeing a ton more amazing things.  But these are just a few of the highlights.  I cannot wait to share all our adventures here with all of you.  I also can’t wait to share all my own pictures. (Disclaimer: I found all these pictures via Google, none of them are my own nor am I claiming they are mine.)

So now I have to ask.  Have any of you seen any of these in person?  Were they as amazing as they look in pictures? 

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