What’s In My Bag?

A girl can never leave the house without 3 things:  her phone, mascara, and her purse.
Or well at least I can’t leave the house without those 3 things and I’m sure most ladies would agree with me.  I’ve always been a fan of reading “What’s in my Bag” posts and so I’ve decided to finally do one of my own!
That is the purse I’m currently using.  I love it!  Sadly, I do not actually own it.  Jenny is a super generous roommate and is graciously letting me borrow this gorgeous thing.  She’s carrying around her Longchamp purse, so this beauty is mine until she’s ready to have it back!  
Gotta love Tory Burch!
Now on to the goods.
one// Car charger.  Not really sure why this is in here.  I don’t even think it works anymore. 
two// Excedrin bottle filled with Advil.  I took all the Excedrin that was in there literally like 2 years ago and have been using the bottle to Ibuprofen and Advil ever since.  It is the perfect purse size bottle.  
three// Lotion.  Gotta keep my hands silky smooth!
four// Headphones.  You know since I listen to soooo much music. (read: I never listen to music on my phone. Ever.)
five// Kate Spade wristlet.  I’ve been using this as my wallet since I bought it back in like September.  It is where I keep all my receipts, credit cards, debit cards, cash, etc.  You know all the stuff that proves I’m an actual grown up.  Blegh. 
I love having this as my wallet because it is so convenient.  If I just need to run into the store right quick or am going somewhere I don;t want to take my full purse I can just grab this.  I can throw my phone in there and some lip gloss and be good to go!
six// Passport.  Ok so this is has been in my wallet/wristlet for like 5 months because I really really need to send it in to be renewed before my EuroTrip.  I literally needed to do this like yesterday.  
seven// Picture of my grandparents.  They’re about 17 and 18 in this picture.  I’ve carried this around since my grandmother passed away in December. He was in the navy and she was his best girl.  Here is a closer look at the picture:
eight// Cute notebooks for writing to-do lists and blog ideas! 🙂
nine// iPhone! This needs no explanation. I mean hello..its my phone! 

ten//  Cloths my mom put in my stocking to clean phone screen, iPad screen, and computer screen.  Basically screen cleaners.  They work wonders.
eleven// Allergy meds.  Because I have the worst allergies in the world and I never know when they are going to flare up.  It’s awful.  
twelve// Lip gloss and lipstick.  These are my favorite shades and brands.  The gloss is Ulta and the lip stick is the Color Whisper line from Maybelline.  Shades include: Who Wore It Red-ER, Berry Ready, and Rose of Attraction.
thirteen// All inclusive girly emergency kits.  It has everything from nail polish remover to breath freshener mist spray stuff.  I keep in there for……well emergencies.  duh.

fourteen// My Erin Condren planner.  Thankfully the purse is big enough that this little baby can go with me pretty much anywhere.  It does weigh my purse down a little but that thing has my life in it.  So yeah.
fifteen// Sunnies. My eyes are blue and are therefore very sensitive to the sun.  Doesn’t help that I have the worst eyes in the world. These are Kate Spade sunnies that I got for a mega fantastic deal at the Kate Spade Outlet.  I only paid 30 bucks for those babies.  Thank you 50% off sale and 15% teacher discount! 
sixteen// Car keys complete with my Disney princess keychain and Monkey in a tuxedo keychain.  I know. I’m so cool.
seventeen// EOS lip balm.  I am obsessed with this stuff.  I have one in pretty much every bag I carry with me, my car, and my bathroom.  It’s a problem but I love them.
There were also a few chocolate wrappers and gum wrappers in my purse but I decided to spare you seeing what a slob I can be sometimes.  But then again aren’t we all. 🙂
Well there ya have it.  Hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peak into my purse.  Most of this stuff gets transferred into my teacher bag during the week and back into my purse on weekends.  The reason being I going tired of carrying two bags to and from work.  
So……what’s in your bag?  

One thought on “What’s In My Bag?

  1. You carry mascara with you everywhere?If I dumped my bag you'd see a bunch of tampons and birth control… so…. don't think anyone wants to see that bahahah


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