To All Who Come To This Happy Place….Welcome!

This time last year, my friend Katie and I were on a week long Spring Break trip in California.   And Timehop (the best app ever. Seriously if you don’t have it…get it) keeps reminding me of the amazing time we had.  
We started in LA/Anahiem.  Where we did the following: Stayed in the Lowes Hollywood Hotel, saw a movie in Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, took a celebrity homes tour, went on the Warner Brother’s Studio Tour (where we saw the real Central Perk from the Friends’ set!) and realized how awful LA traffic is.  
We took one day to drive the Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco.  It was beautiful but awful at the same time.  Unless I am NOT doing the driving I will not doing that again.
We ended in San Francisco.  Where we went on a tour of the Disney Family Museum, saw the Google building, went on a double decker bus tour of all the major sites, saw lots of homeless people, had amazing crab at a restaurant in Fisherman’s Wharf, ate ice cream at the original Ghirardelli, went to the Golden Gate Bridge, saw lots of homeless people, ate at In & Out Burger, and wished we had known we should have booked a tour of Alcatraz in advance.
It was a pretty fantastic week.  
Oh and obviously we went to DISNEYLAND!  
I didn’t want to overload this post with a ton of pictures from the trip, because I took a ton.  But I can’t resist sharing my pictures from Disneyland.  I absolutely fell in love with Disneyland.  Mostly because you can actually feel Walt’s presences there. 
Disneyland has a completely different feel then Disney World.  They are both equally magical but I don’t know there is just something about Disneyland that feels much more special.  
So I give you the Disney side of our California Trip in pictures.
-Tour of the Disney Studios lot.  One of the perks of being a Cast Member is that if you work for any part of the Walt Disney Company, you have access to every part of the company. All you have to do is flash your ID to the guard at the gate and BOOM you’re in.
That was our first stop.

The Courtyard of the Studio has a collection of all the Disney Legend hands and Cecily Rigdon was the first person Walt chose to be a Guest Relations Cast Member.

This here is Katie!  She is one of the funniest, kindest, most entertaining friends I have.  I am so glad I got to go on this trip with her.  This is the most famous corner of the Disney lot.  We were simply giddy thinking of all the times Walt probably strolled past this corner.

One of my other bestest friends in the entire world actually works at Disneyland and she acted as our unofficial tour guide through the studios.  She took us into some of the original animation buildings and we showed us some of the sound stages where films like Mary Poppins were filmed.

We spent two full days at Disneyland.  We split both days between California Adventure and Disneyland.  
First up is California Adventure.

Highlights: California Screamin, Cars Land, the Animation Building, Aladdin Live on Stage, Mickey’s Fun Wheel (pictures below) and the food!  The overall atmosphere is great at this park.  It’s very old California Hollywood.

This park also has an amazing water show called World of Color.  We were completely exhausted by show time but it was completely worth it.


We started our morning in Disneyland but taking the Walking in Walt’s Footsteps guided tour.  We got to hear some fun background stories of Walt and Disneyland (most of which I had heard before).  We were supposed to get a tour of Club 33 but it was closed for refurbishment so that was a bummer.  BUT we got the opportunity to see Walt’s Apartment above the fire station in Town Square.  It was probably the most magical thing I’ve ever done at Disney.

We watched Mickey’s Soundsational Parade and it was amazing.  So fun and upbeat. And the costuming and floats were perfect!

Here were a few of my favorite floats!

Katie and I decided to go all out and be super touristy and get our faces painted.  We were probably about 20 years older than all the other kids who were getting their faces painted. 🙂

And of course no Disney trip is complete without a Mickey Premium bar.

The trip was simply magical and I cannot wait for the day when I’ll be able to go back to Disneyland.  
Now excuse me while I go daydream about being back there while my students take a test.
Have a magical day friends! 🙂

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