Tasty Tuesday: A Semi-Homemade Pasta Dish

A few weeks ago the roommate decided to cook all the food in our fridge that was about to go bad.  She made some lentils and ground beef with garlic, she made some chicken and she cooked up some sweet peppers and spicy italian sausage.

Later that week I decided to throw said sweet peppers and sausage into some spaghetti sauce and WA-LA, one of our new favorite meals was born.

And now I’m going to share it with you! 🙂

Sweet Peppers (I bought a bag of small multi-colored bell peppers) Orange, Red, and Yellow.
Italian Sausage links (I don’t like mine too spicy so we went for mild)
Spaghetti Sauce (Prego- Fresh Mushroom is what I used)
Olive Oil
Pasta of choice (I used linguini because that’s all we had)

One// Cut up your peppers.  We used small peppers but you can buy large ones too.

Two// Get your sauce pan ready and sauté the peppers.  Pour Olive Oil into the sauce pan.  Enough to completely cover the bottom of the pan.  (Jenny doesn’t really measure anything she just eye-balls it!)

Then dump all your peppers into the pan.

Three// Add salt and pepper to the top of the peppers. Again no exact measurements just sprinkle a good amount over the top.  With bother the salt and pepper.

Four// Sauté your peppers for about 20 minutes.

Five// Cook your sausage links in the same pan you cooked the peppers in.  Jenny split these so they would cook faster.  Eventually you’ll cut them into bite size pieces so it doesn’t matter what they look like when you cook them.

Jenny cooked the sausage and peppers on Sunday night and then last night I added them to the pasta sauce and cooked the pasta.

Six// Cook your pasta. (obviously, I didn’t think this needed a picture)  I used linguini but any type of pasta would work with this sauce.

Seven// Cut up your sausage into bite sized pieces.  Then add the peppers and sausage to your favorite spaghetti sauce.  I used Prego – Fresh Mushroom because it was on sale at Kroger.

Eight// Throw the pasta and sauce together and you have yourself a meal! You can serve it with a salad and some garlic bread and it will be even tastier. 🙂

It really is a very tasty meal!  Its super easy and quick and will feed 2-4 people.   We’ve made it twice now and Jenny has said that she would pay $15 for this same meal at a restaurant.

Once again cooking is done by Jenny and the photos are done by moi!

Enjoy friends!

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