Crazy Cat Lady

So I think it’s official y’all.  I’ve become a crazy cat lady.
Why?  Well on Friday I took out my fancy shamancy camera and had a mini photo shoot with my cats.  Well mostly Brady, because Sadie was pretty uninterested and all she did was sit in the window sill and wait for Brady to come and attack her.  
But I did get some incredibly adorable shots of Brady so I had to share them. 
He is just the cutest!! 🙂

This one could be a Toms ad.  Save for the fax that my Toms are really really dirty. Gross.

These two.  I have a ton of pictures like this.  But I like this one because both their front paws are off the ground.  Reminds me of the Lion King.  They are slowly but surely getting to like each other.  Read: SLOWLY…..but surely.

He love his big sister! Especially playing with her tail.  She on the other hand doesn’t love it so much.

This one is my favorite.

Check out those mittens for paws.  It’s what makes him a Polydactyl cat aka a Hemingway Cat, he has 6 toes on his two front paws.  Polydactyl cats were most commonly found around ports and on ships in New England and Wales. Sailors found them to be lucky charms for them while at sea.  Polydactyl cats (I prefer calling them Hemingway cats…sounds better) are know for the hunting and climbing skills (fantastic news for me.)  According to history, a ship captain gave Ernest Hemingway a polydactyl cat and he basically became obsessed with them.  In fact his home in the Keys, is now a refuge for cats, most of which are descendants of the original cat given to him by the ship captain.  About half of those cats are polydactyl cats.  Thus why they received the nickname Hemingway Cats.

There ya go…your history lesson for the day.

He has recently discovered a basket we have next to our couch.  It’s where we keep blankets.  It’s become his new favorite nap places.

So far Brady has been an excellent addition to my little family.  Jenny loves him, Maggie love him (that’s Jenny’s dog), I love him, and eventually Sadie will love him.

My parents will be taking care of both cats this summer.  It’s just easier for them to stay with the parentals rather than have to lug them around Texas all summer.  Especially since I’ll be out of the country the last two weeks in July (bah….I still get excited when I say that).

One last thing before I wrap this up….I don’t actually think of myself as a crazy cat lady.  Even though I’m 90% sure most of my friends do.  I love my kitties and cannot imagine not having them in my life.  And I’m glad Sadie has a friend now.  Should of gotten her one a long time ago.

So what do y’all think?  Crazy cat lady or perfectly sane normal 27 year old gal?

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