Currently…School Edition

So I wasn’t going to post anything today (as has become sort of a thing for me….I don’t post on Wednesdays) but I’m at school and the kids are watching a movie (#goodteacheraward) and shockingly I’m all caught up on grades and lessons for the next two weeks so I figured I would write up a quick post for you.

Plus, I was reading Jenn from Going the Distance‘s blog and she did a currently post today so I’m kinda copying her…hope ya don’t mind Jenn! ūüôā

I Am Currently…..

Feeling kinda anxious. ¬†I had an interview at a school literally 4 minutes from my house. ¬†I timed it. ¬†And while I think it went amazing, they said they are interviewing about 5 other people. ¬†I’ll know one way or another if I got the job by Friday. ¬†So I have this really anxious/nervous feeling running through me.

Reading ¬†I’m about to start a new book called The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. ¬†Looks pretty intense.

Listening to The Secret Life of Walter Mitte. ¬†We’re using this movie to have the student identify the 5 Themes of Geography. ¬†It’s either this or worksheets…this is way more entertaining. ¬†And opens me up to write this blog post. ¬†Yes I know I’m a great example of a good teacher! ūüėČ

Drinking Cold coffee. ¬†It’s what I drink every morning on my way to school and from 1st-3rd period. ¬†Tasty. ¬†I will be switching to water soon.

Eating A Taco Cabana breakfast taco. ¬†Potato and Egg to be specific. Since it’s Teacher Appreciation Week my school has been showering us with food. ¬†Yesterday we had catered Mexican food in honor of Cinco De Mayo and Friday we get catered BBQ. ¬†Side note: ¬†I LOVE Taco Cabana. ¬†It is one of the reasons I’m glad to be living back in Texas

Watching My student watch the movie…..or sleep….or stare at the laps on their phones. ¬†They think I don’t see this and I totally do. ¬†Basically I’m watching them watch a movie.

Thinking about¬†My job interview, the summer, my bank account, what I’m going to eat for dinner, did I mention summer?

Loving My new shoes from Old Navy. ¬†As well as this dress from Old Navy. It is literally the perfect black dress for summer. ¬† It’s light weight, comfy and just the right length. ¬†I cannot wait to wear both items in Europe this summer. ¬†CANNOT WAIT!

Excited about So many things! Europe obviously and getting our hotel information for our trip, meeting my best friends new baby in a few weeks, our family reunion in July and the fact that there are only 20 days of school left.

Happy Hump Day friends! ūüôā

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