13 Things I’ve Thought While Watching Naked and Afriad

This weekend was extremely uneventful.  Like so uneventful I didn’t even take any pictures.  Save for one picture of Sadie.  The entire weekend was spent on the couch or in my bed watching TV or reading.  So there really wasn’t any need for a weekend post.


Last weekend I discovered a brand new TV show that I have slowly become obsessed with, it’s called Naked and Afraid.  It airs on the Discovery Channel and you can catch new episodes on Sundays.

What is the premise behind the show you ask?  Well basically a man and a woman are dropped into an uninhabited area, naked, and have to try and survive for 21 days.  What do they win if they survive?  Absolutely nothing save for the knowledge that they have what it takes to survive in the wilderness, naked, building their own shelters, and hunting for food.

I’ve watched quite a few episodes of the show because once I start watching it I can’t stop. I even recorded a few episodes on Saturday night because it was late and I wanted to watch it later.

As I’ve watched the show I can’t help but have various thoughts run through my head.  And I’ve decided to share them with all of you.

1.  No toothbrush…..gross.

2. Okay……I’m not even that comfortable being naked and letting myself look at…well myself….much less let a complete stranger see me that way. I would probably make a bra and butt flap of some kind as soon as I could.

3. Bugs.  ALL THE BUGS.  Getting in every crevice and biting in every crevice.  I’m itchy and uncomfortable just thinking about it.

4. What if I were to start my lady time while I was there.  How would that work?  And how did women survive so long without tampons?  Those things are one of the best inventions in the history of world.  (In two of the episodes I saw…that actually happened. But the ladies never explained how they took care of that particular problem.)

5. I do not want to have to work that hard to find food.  I really don’t think I could have survived in primitive times.  Like at all.

6.  Each person gets to bring one thing with them that will help them survive….most people bring a machete and a fire starter.  I’ve seen a few pots too.  I think I would bring the fire starter.  Because hello it provides heat for both warmth and cooking AND would scare away animals.

7. One of my fears is water where I can’t see my feet.  Some of the episodes have them swimming in muddy, murky lakes and ponds.  No…just no.  And your naked….you could get bitten or have fish swim up your butt or in your lady parts.  I’m clenching just thinking about it.

8. Extreme hot or extreme cold?  People on the show have run into both depending on the location.…for example in the Himalayan Mountains it was freezing and in Africa it was hot as hell.  My choice….I will my chances with the heat….at least you can dip into the creepy murky water and cool off a tad.

9. I’m sorry I’m still trying to get past the part where these people are totally naked.

10. Not only are would there be bugs everywhere but you’d be getting dirt and mud and all kinds of mystery brown stuff all over yourself.  Blegh….yet another cringe worthy idea.

11. In just about every episode I’ve seen it has rained.  So not only would you be laying on the ground under a bunch of sticks and branches and have leaves and grass as padding to sleep on, you’d be wet, cold or hot, hungry, thirsty, and probably mega cranky.  At least I would be.

12. I’m 90% sure I would be the winiest person the show has every seen if I were to go on the show.  Mind you I would have to be forced to ever in my wildest dreams even consider being Naked and Afraid for 21 days.   I feel bad for my hypothetical partner just thinking about it.

13.  Literally every person loses at least 20 pounds by the time the 21 days is up.  At least all my pudge would be gone.

These two look absolutely thrilled with their situation.  And the worst of it is…..these fools VOLUNTEERED FOR THIS!!!

All in all, highly entertaining show to watch.  Like I said once I watch one episode I can’t seem to change the channel.  I want to see all the locations they send these people.  I highly recommend watching at least one episode of this show if only to cringe and make fun of all these crazy people who think is a good idea to show off their survival skills while being Naked and Afraid.

PS. Don’t Google Naked and Afraid for pictures without first putting either “Discovery Channel” or “TV show” before it/after it.  You’ll get some completely different versions of “naked and afraid” and your eyes will not thank you.  Trust me. I learned the hard way.

Have a great Wednesday! 🙂

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