Throwback Thursday: 8th Grade Me

With only 10 days of school left, I’m getting into the phase that most teachers get into at the end of the school year, reflection.  What did I do well this year?  What could I improve on?  What worked? What didn’t work?  What will I do different?

All of these questions have gone through my head.  And I will be dedicating a full post to my thoughts on the school year before it’s officially over.  But what I’ve really been focusing on is how different 8th graders today are from when I was an 8th grader.  
And being that it’s “Throwback Thursday” I figured this was the perfect opportunity to share a few pictures from that most awkward of years and give you lovely readers a glimpse into the 8th grade me. 
Side note: I have Jenny to thank for the following pictures.  She and I became best friends in middle school and she put together a photo album of pictures from 2001-2002.  Sorry for the poor quality, I had to snap pictures of the pictures with my iPhone because our scanner wasn’t working.
8th Grade Me: 2001-2002
I was a cheerleader.  And a flyer.  This lasted exactly 1 year and then I got too tall.
Cheer camp Summer 2001
9/11 happened.  A day I will never forget.
My friends and I went and got individual and group pictures taken like 3 times at the mall.   We went to those little studios in the mall, where you could pick your background.  Then we bought a bunch and passed them out to our friends with little notes on the back. 
Fall 2001 vs. Spring 2002
I wore braces.

I had bangs.  
N*SYNC was the best boy band around and still is.
I finally learned how to wear makeup.  (In 7th grade I thought it was super cool to wear really think white eyeliner as my eyeshadow.)
These girls were my best friends. 
Whitney, Jenny (my current roommate), Audrey, and me

I wore a school uniform and rocked khaki overalls.
My mom worked at my school.  It was embarrassing and great all at the same time.
I went to 8th grade prom in a limo with my best friends and our “dates”.  
I remember being totally in love with my dress.  It was light purple and white and had a lace up back and a small train.  My mom still has it hanging in her closet.
 Going to the mall and walking around on the weekends was the “thing” to do.  We did it pretty much every weekend.
I was in 2 different Quinceanera’s.  Here’s the picture to prove it.  Look at that hair.
I thought I was so cool because I went to 3 different concerts.  No Doubt, N*SYNC, and a radio concert called the Power Jam.  My mom didn’t know I went…….I may have fibbed about where I was going that night.  
 During Homecoming week we had “dress up” like this one…..Pajama Day, Twin Day, etc.  I was obsessed with the shirts with sayings on them.  Like this one.
I competed in a Lip Sync competition to Britney Spear’s “Crazy” and won.
I won Ms. CMS.  An awarded voted on by all the teachers for the best all around girl. 
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone was released in theaters and we went as an 8th grade class to see it.  Then our English teachers held a “sorting” ceremony for the 7th graders because they were reading it in class and I got to be Prefect for Ravenclaw.
Clearly I was super cool in the 8th grade.  Much cooler than all the 8th graders I teach anyway.  The problems, emotions, and worries are pretty much the same though.  And I for one would not want to go back and relive my 8th grade year.   Unless it was to listen to N*SYNC again and not have to pay bills.  Then I would do it in a heartbeat.
Now I’m dying to know….what were y’all like in 8th grade? 🙂

One thought on “Throwback Thursday: 8th Grade Me

  1. Kathleen,You stated that Audrey is your current roomie. I am. FIX IT! lolAlso, the lip sync competition was a GROUP effort. 🙂 I was \”Britney\” and you and Whit were my back-up dancers! I wish we had that on video. It was so cool.And I, for one, would LOVE to go back to 8th grade year. We were the coolest kids at CMS. We ruled the school and it was awesome.


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