School’s Out for Summer!

Well it’s the first official Monday of summer  and so far it has been delightful!  Save for the fact that I still woke up at 6:30.  But I can’t really complain since I’m currently laying bed drinking coffee and typing this post.

Apologies for missing out on the pretty much all of last week.  My roommates sister and her puesdo-family came into town and thus left little time for me to sit down and type up the posts I had planned. However I will say that this first weekend of summer was completely amazing!!

Here were the highlights!

– Friday was the last day of work.  No students but teachers had a work day to finish cleaning up our rooms and have a last minute staff meeting.  I was pretty sad to say goodbye to my team because they have been just amazing this year.  I seriously could not have gotten through the year without these 4 people.  

-Jenny’s best friend from college, Holly, came and stayed with us for the weekend.  She is just so fun, sweet, and hilarious!  We had a great time chatting, eating, and movie watching.

– I attended a fundraising event at Canes (a fast food chicken finger restaurant) for a boy at Jenny’s school who’s father died unexpectedly in the line of duty two weeks ago.  He was a police officer.

– The first pool day of the summer occurred.  It has been especially hot in Houston this week so lounging poolside was the perfect way to cool off on Saturday.

– Went to a kids birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza.  I had my 6th birthday party there and from picture I can tell it was a blast!  But we had fun watching my friends son play games, open a few presents, and visit.

– A trip to the premium outlets here in Houston was taken.  Didn’t have much luck in most stores…until I got to JCrew.  I found the perfect magenta colored shorts and navy and white stripped boat neck shirt.

– A series of adorable first pictures of Prince George and Princess Charolotte were released. (Yes, this was a highlight for me! LOL)  They are just the cutest AND I read that the Duchess of Cambridge took these pictures herself.  So sweet and adorable!

It was a very eventful weekend.  But there was one thing that happened that helped to kick off what is looking to be the best summer EVER!

I hadn’t mentioned this because the last few times I had I had bad news following.  So I wanted to wait until afterward to share.  I got a another call to come in for an interview at a middle school closer to my house and in a better district than my current school.   The interview happened at 8am on Friday morning, before I went into my last day of work.  It went amazingly well and I was super excited and pleased with the way it went.  The principal even asked me to email him my references as soon as I could.  Went through the rest of the day on pins and needles.  But as I was driving home from my last day I got the call.

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   It is a huge relief y’all.  I have been so unhappy in my current job and the fact that on my very last day I was offered a job in the district that I’ve been wanting to work in since moving to Houston is just so amazing. I will miss my team though.  As I said earlier in the post I really could not have gotten through the year without them.  But I can now look forward to going back to work rather than dreading it and can really enjoy my summer.

It was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve had in a while.  Lets just hope the rest of the summer is just as great! 🙂

Happy first Monday of the summer friends!

Have a great day!

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