Currently [June]

Happy Wednesday lovely friends.  
Summer really is just the best isn’t it.  Especially if you’re a teacher.  I must admit though there are moments when I’m sitting at home that I’m like…..ok now what do I do.  But then I think about all the stress from the school year and I quickly find something to do.
Alrighty today I’ve decided to share some of what I’m currently up to.  

Feeling….Excited because I’m driving home on Friday and I’ll get to see my family and best friend soon.  Stressed about money.  And annoyed with my allergies.

Reading…. The Girl on the Train.  I’ve heard amazing things about this book and am pleased to find out that it is just as good as everyone has said it is.  I just love the cover of the book!

Drinking…. Coffee.

Watching…. Law and Order: SVU.  If there is a marathon on I can usually kiss the rest of my day goodbye.  Even if I’ve already seen most of the episodes. Which is the case with the current episode that is on.

Thinking about…. Sadie.  I had to take her to the vet this morning because she has this mystery spot on her left front leg.  She was given a shot of antibiotic and 200 bucks later I was told she would be fine in two weeks.  Why oh why must trips to the vet always be so expensive?! Oh and Europe.  But then I’m always thinking about Europe these days. #37days

Wearing…. Shorts because it’s hot as hell outside.  And I didn’t get dressed at all yesterday so I figured I should stay dressed today.

Working on…. Getting the motivation to empty the dish washer and clean the kitchen.  It’s my least favorite cleaning chore.  That and folding laundry.  Also working on some school stuff for next year.  A teachers job is never done (yes even during the summer).

Excited about….Seeing family and friends, a surprise that will be happening in July, our family reunion that I’m going to a week before Europe (I haven’t been to this particular reunion in 4 years.), and of course EUROPE! Always Europe!

Loving…. Life!  I have a pretty great one at the moment and I’m so excited for my next chapter.  🙂

So….what are you currently up to? 

2 thoughts on “Currently [June]

  1. I will be interested to see what you have to say about The Girl on the Train… I have an interesting opinion. EROUPE is so close ( like the time, the countries are not)! I am so excited for youuuuuu!! Also, SVU is kinda my guilty pleasure… It took me a year and a half to get though all the back seasons a few years ago! #Netflixgoals


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