EuroTrip 2015: The Hotels

One of my favorite parts of traveling is getting to stay in a hotel.  Besides officially being at your destination it’s the only thing that signifies that you’re  in a new city.  I’ve had the opportunity to stay in all kinds of hotel rooms.  Big ones like at Disney World and small ones like in New Orleans.  I just love exploring the room and finding all the little things that make each one unique.  And there is nothing like coming back to your hotel room after long day of exploring and being on your feet all day.

Because of my love for hotels, one of the things I was most excited to find out and research was which hotels we would be staying on our trip with Go Ahead Tours.  We received all our hotel information on June 17th, which was the official one month mark until the trip.  I wasted no time at all logging onto the website and Googling the hotels.

Y’all, I am SO EXCITED to see these babies in person.  I know that the rooms won’t be super large like they are here in the States.  At least that’s what I’ve been reading on the various travel blogs I’ve been scouring since we decided to go on the trip.  But it doesn’t hurt to come home to a nice, clean, and comfy hotel after we’ve been touring all day.  Which is hopefully what we will be experiencing during our trip.

So here are the hotels we’ll be staying at during our 14 day adventure.  All the hotels will come with breakfast in the morning and WiFi (which is good for staying in touch with friends and family back home).  I’ll obviously be able to give a more detailed review of each place once we come back but like I said, they look pretty promising from the pictures and reviews I’ve seen/read!

Quick disclaimer: None of the pictures are mine, I found them all either via Google or on the hotel’s website.

London- H10 Waterloo Hotel
This hotel looks to be very modern.  It has a few rooftop terraces that are available to all guest and give you AH-MAZING views of the city.  Apparently you can even see the London Eye and Houses of Parliament/Big Ben from the hotel.

Paris – Pullman Montparnasse
Another very modern looking hotel both inside and out.  There are 3 of us traveling together and we will actually have 2 separate rooms in Paris and in Amsterdam.  Lets just hope one of those separate rooms is mine! 🙂  From what the website says we could potentially have a view of the Eiffel Tower.  Um ok!

Amsterdam- Eden Rembrandt Square
I couldn’t find a full length picture of this hotel, so I’ll make it a point to try and get one when I’m there.  But it’s located on a very narrow looking street.  And looks like it could have been apartments or something back in the day.  This is a very modern looking hotel on the inside and very old on the outside.

Mannheim – Leonardo Royal Hotel Mannheim
We’ll be spending the day in Heidelberg but will be traveling to Mannheim, Germany to spend the night.  Which is A-Ok with me since that means we’ll get to see more of Germany.  This hotel sort of looks like a prison on the outside I think, but once you get inside it’s another very modern looking hotel.  So far all the hotels have a very modern feel to them.    I’m gonna make it a point to take pictures of things around the hotel because this is another one that you can’t really tell what’s around it.

Lucerne – Hotel Flora
Now this is a hotel that I’m excited for because of what you can see around it.  According to the website and pictures, the hotel is located close to the water and has breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps. Once again the hotel isn’t much to write home about on the outside but the inside looks modern and new on the inside.

Lenno (CO) Italy – Albergo Lenna
Italy!  Please note that from here on out the modern feel is thrown completely out the window.  The hotels we’ll be staying at in Italy are very traditional and well for lake of a better word freaking GORGEOUS!! We’re only at the hotel on Lake Como for one night but just look at this.  And the inside is just as pretty as the outside too. Let’s just hope we have a balcony so we can enjoy the views of either the lake or the Swiss Alps.

Venice – Hotel Quattro Fontane
THIS HOTEL!!!  Oh my gosh.  I am totally IN LOVE with this hotel.  I mean look at it.  It looks more like an Italian cottage then it does a hotel.  And the inside is full of gorgeous antiques. I know this is going to be super tiny on the inside but I don’t even care.  Talk about picturesque.

Rome – Hotel Ponte Sisto
Last but certainly not least….Rome.  Once again I couldn’t find a full length picture of this hotel.  But I did find some roof top terrace pictures of it.  See that dome in the background, yeah that’s the Sistine Chapel.  It’s totally visible from the roof. According to the website this hotel is just a few blocks from The Vatican and just around the corner from the one of the oldest bridges in Rome, the Ponte Sisto bridge.

Lets just hope I can take pictures as good as these of the hotel! 🙂

Like I’ve already mentioned all the hotels come with Free WiFi and breakfast in the morning.  The early hotels are gonna be super modern and the later hotels seem to be a little more “European” I guess is the word.

Having our hotel information definitely makes the trip seem more real.  I mean I know it’s real because I’ve paid for it but actually seeing where I’m going to be laying my head down at night makes it like really real!

So now I have a question for those of you that have travelled abroad.  What are some tips you have for staying in hotels in Europe?  Is there anything I should be sure to bring or anything I can leave at home?

Help a girl out! 🙂

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