Owning It [Vol. 2]

I had a completely different post planned for today.  But when I realized it was the last Thursday of the month (I’m sorry what?!) I knew I had to link up with Christina for her Own It Link up, just like I did in this post.


I’ve been home for the last week and half and my bedroom still looks exactly like it did when I lived here full time.  Which was my senior year of high school.  I have so many little nicknacks/memories in this room it’s erie.  I’m not sure why my mom hasn’t gotten rid of everything in here yet.

Since Monday night I’m had this weird rash/rough patchy weirdness on my cheeks. It was red and itchy Monday night but has since just been rough.  No idea what it is.  I’ve washed my face and put massive amounts of lotion on it and it still won’t go away.  (If I was really owning it, I would have taken a picture of it when it was all red and splotchy.  But I’m not that brave.)

I hate buying things online.  You would think I would love it because I’m super lazy and hate leaving the house.  But I just can’t bring myself to buy online.  Especially clothes. I have to be able to try them on and I’m nervous that my CC will get stolen or something.  I like to browse online but very rarely will I actually buy online.

The only thing I’m nervous about when it comes to Europe, is that the clothes I bring won’t be cute enough.  I know I know…that sounds totally weird and that I’m gonna be doing a ton of walking so  comfort should be my main concern.   Nut seriously I want to look super cute while strolling the streets of all these European cities and I’m afraid that all the outfits I have planned to bring are just not going to do it for me.  I also want my pictures to look amazing and I’m nervous that they’re going to be awful.

Blogging confession:  I sometimes get upset when I don’t have comments on my posts.  I don’t blog for the comments, I blog because it’s something I genuinely enjoy doing (otherwise I wouldn’t have been doing it since late 2010).  But I dunno there is just something about getting comments that makes blogging so much more fun…doesn’t it?  It means that people are reading your stuff and enjoying what they read and feel compelled to let you know that.  Now it’s not like I’m crying or anything when a post doesn’t get a comment, but it is always at the back of  my mind.

I can’t have bare fingernails or toenails anymore. I’ve had my nails polished for so long now that I can’t stand the look of my fingers/toes without it. Plus I find it very therapeutic to sit and give myself a mani/pedi…even though I would prefer to pay someone else to do.  But I’m not a Rockefeller so I do it myself.

When I’m home I never call up people from high school to hang out.  Yeah I’m friends with my high school friends on Facebook but I really have no desire to hangout with anyone from then. (Except for my best friend in the entire world Ashley.)  Which is weird because I had a great high school experience.  But yeah…no desire at all.

My friend Jordan and I have each other in our phones as Bellatrix Lestrange and Hermione Granger.  Respectively.  Sometimes I forget that and will look for the name Jordan and then remember I should be looking for Bellatrix.  #harrypotternerd

If I really like a book I can read the whole thing in one day.  I actually did that yesterday.

I could watch episodes of Friends (in the picture above I’m stepping into the Animal Kingdom map a a la Joey Tribiani) , Sex and the City, The Office, and Law&Order SVU over and over and over again.  In fact, as I type this I’m watching both Sex and the City AND Law&Order.  I have a problem.


Alrighty, that’s about it for today friends!  Now to get my day started since I’ve literally not left my house since Monday.

Can’t wait to read some of the other Owning it posts! 🙂

Happy Thursday!

6 thoughts on “Owning It [Vol. 2]

  1. I just recently went home and cleared out so many old things I've kept since high school. Like receipts and other little meaningless things, it all adds up! I totally agree about comments, it's not the most important thing, but it is nice to have a community to be a part of and to know that people are enjoying what you're writing. But it's also a nice way to document your life and look back on it. So don't let it get you down! I have that same fear about going to Europe someday! In pictures I've seen people are always so stylish and appropriately dressed. Gotta step up the style game for a European trip. You will look back on those pictures for year to come! I rewatch Friends all the time! I used to watch it every night before bed but now I've switched to How I Met Your Mother. sayyestohappy.wordpress.com


  2. LOVE your harry potter confession! That is so much fun, how cool that you have Bellatrix in your phone!I worry about not having cute clothes on trips too, you don't want to go EWWW what was I wearing right?!?!I agree about comments, they make posting more fun!


  3. Totally agree on the blog comments, they are just reassuring you know? Also, totally get the high school thing. I could watch Friends, SATC and Law & Order SVU marathons all.day. Kelseywww.thepeacockroost.com


  4. Right – how is this the last Thursday of June!?? I’m SO happy you switched oyur plans and joined in on the fun! I hate having my nails bare too – except my toes more than my fingers, they have been bare for quite a while! I’m dying that you’re stepping into the map like Joey – that is perfect!


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