Harry Potter and the Blog Post

Like thousands of other kids around the world my life completely revolved around Harry Potter from 1998-2007.  I can still remember reading the first book in the 6th grade and absolutely falling in love with the story.  Every single part of it.  And the best part was the anticipation to read the next book.  And I can still remember sitting in my parents bed in July of 2007 as I raced through the Deathly Hallows to  find out what happens and then starting all over again to read it slowly and savor it.

Harry Potter is the reason my best friend Ashley and I, became best friends.  We found out that we were both totally obsessed and it cemented our friendship forever.  I mean we took pictures with our favorite books at her wedding AND I started crying when we read Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone out loud to her 2 month old.  Yeah I would say I’m pretty obsessed with all things Harry Potter.
(I’m even seriously considering getting the Deathly Hallows tattooed somewhere on my body.  TATTOOED people!  If that doesn’t scream fan I don’t know what else does.)
Anyway, while I was in El Paso, I decided to re-read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  And while I was staying with Ashley we got to talking about all the moments in the book that we felt were shock/gasp worthy or just plain exciting.  And today I present you with said list and a few pictures showcasing my love of all things Harry Potter.  
(Sidenote: Do not continue reading if you have never read the books and plan to because there are MAJOR spoilers!  I will not be held responsible if it is ruined for you. : ) )

Book 2:
– The moment when we found out that TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE actually means I AM LORD VOLDEMORT.
-The moment you find out that Ginny was the one writing all the messages about the Chamber of Secrets in chicken blood.

Book 3:
– The moment you find out that the murder Sirius Black is Harry’s Godfather.
– Seeing Peter Pettigrew’s name on the Marauder’s Map and then finding out that he’s he one who betrayed Harry’s parents to Voldemort.  Then falling totally in love with Sirius.
– Finding out that the Marauder’s Map was created by Harry’s father.  
– This quote from Dumbledore, “Happiness can be found in the darkest of places, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”
Book 4:
– The whole Quidditch World cup chapter because we find out so much more about the wizarding world.
– Discovering that there were other wizarding schools and wishing that she had included and American school.
– When the Triwizard Cup was really a port key and then Cedric Diggory died.
– Finding out Mad-Eye Moody was actually Barty Crouch Jr. the whole school year.

Book 5:
– Learning about the prophecy and a little more about Harry and Voldemort’s connection.  
– Sirius dying and Harry losing another important adult in his life.  (I cried for about an hour afterwards.)
– Going into Snape’s memory and learning more about his parents.
– When Dolores Umbridge makes Harry write with the pen that uses his own blood as ink.  (I still hate that woman.)
Book 6:  This is my favorite book.  I love every thing about it and absolutely HATED the movie.  I cried after I saw it because I felt they just didn’t do the book justice.

Every single time Dumbledore took Harry into the Pensive.  (I loved learning more about Voldemort and the conversations that happened between Harry and Dumbledore because of them.)
– When Harry used Sectumsempra on Draco and thought he killed him.  (Ashley and I both agreed that we were shocked when we realized what the spell did.  So was Harry.)
– Finding out Snape was the Half-Blood Prince.
– This quote from Dumbledore, “Age is foolish and forgetful when it underestimates youth.” (So freaking wise)
– Obviously……Dumbledore’s death.
Book 7: I think this book ties with Half-Blood Prince.  I could read this book once a month and never get bored.
– When Hedwig dies. (I’m still not ok with this.)

Realizing that the locket that is very briefly mentioned in the Order of the Phoenix while everyone is cleaning out Number 12 Grimmald Place is the real Horcrux and then finding out it was sold to Umbridge.
– The entire chapter about Snape’s last memory.  (This made me crave a whole book about Harry’s parents ten times more then I did before reading the last book.) #Always
– When Fred dies.  And then you find out Lupin and Tonks died.  (Again cried for hours.)
– When Narcissa Malfoy lies and tells Voldemort that Harry is dead, even though he’s not.
– When Harry visits Godric’s Hallow and sees his parents graves and the monument for the first time.
– The moment you find out Harry is the last Horcrux and that he’s going to have to “die.”
I could talk about this topic for hours and hours.  Harry Potter is and always will be my all time favorite book series.  I’m so excited to pass along the amazingness to the next generation (Lacey and my future children).  
Special thanks to Ashley who loved Harry Potter just as much if not more than I do and who helped me come up with this list! 🙂 Love ya!
Now, what were some of YOUR favorite moments from the Harry Potter books?! 

5 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Blog Post

  1. I remember reading the first book and imagining what all the characters looked like then flash forward to see the first movie (with my aunt who feel asleep during it) and being so excited because it was the first time I saw my imagination come to life. I adored the movie remake of \”Secret Garden\” and even though she was a total b in the movie it made me adore Maggie Smith from a very young age so to see her as Professor McGonagall in the HP films was a dream come true because I honestly always pictured her face when I was reading. #Always #SlytherinForLife #BloodyHell #IWishBrianWouldLetMeNameADaughterHermione


  2. I love you and our friendship so much! I MAY or may not have teared up throughout this post.Side note for post readers: She really did cry after the 6th movie. Then she tried calling me so I could cry with her because the people she was with SIMPLY DID NOT UNDERSTAND!Sadly I was in my own midnight showing still due to the time difference. The next day we complained more than any two people have ever complained about a movie.Oh, and Harry walking into the woods to face his death is straight up UGLY CRY no matter how many times I've read it. P.S. Lacey and I are more than halfway through the first book (going so slow is killing me!) and I think of you every single time we read! Love you!


  3. You totally nailed it with all the jaw dropping moments from the book! My favorite book is Goblet of Fire and I think I've read it like 20 times. And I'm totally with you, I'm still not over Hedwig dying! I cried at that part and knew that the last book was going to be a tough one.


  4. I'm totally getting a Harry Potter tattoo!! I'm thinking maybe Hogwarts, seeing as i already have Cinderellas castle on my arm!! I'm obsessed!!


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