Oh Hey/Confessional Friday [Vol. 3]

Friday’s are just the best, aren’t they.  Yes, yes they are.  Especially when you think about the fact that exactly ONE WEEK from today I will be on plane to LONDON!!! YAY!!!  ONE WEEK ONE WEEK ONE WEEK!!!!! 🙂  (I’m not excited at all, am I.)

Ok now on to the goods! Time for the Friday link ups with……

[one] I confess that sometimes I’m a really good friend.  lol  Sorry I’m gonna brag on myself just a tad.  My roommates 27th birthday was this week and I totally surprised her with balloons and a cute “Happy Birthday” sign in front of her bedroom door.  She LOVED it!  We then went to lunch and to see Jurassic World (SO GOOD!)  It was a fantastic day!  This was the collage I posted on Insta-G for her.
It was also my best Disney friend Abby’s birthday.  She is currently working in the UK for the summer as a tour guide for Adventures by Disney.  He job totally sucks.
[two] I confess I got engaged this week!  Ok ok so I’m totally kidding.  But I did spend about 3 and half hours a Zales with a Jenny and our friend Allie as Allie tried to decide on a piece of jewelry she wanted (yes we were there for 3 and half hours.)  So I decided to try on engagement rings and I found THE ONE!  I loved this one.  So pretty and exactly what I’m going to tell my imaginary/future boyfriend/husband I want.  

 [three] I confess I am totally excited for my new job to start!  (After Europe of course) This week I went and got all my paperwork signed and submitted.  I officially start work on August 13th.

[four] I confess that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have the most perfect little family in the whole world.  This was taken this week during the baptism of Princess Charlotte.  Kate is seriously flawless.

[five] I confess I am so excited for this weekend.  Today I’m heading to our family reunion outside of Dallas.  It will be fun to see a bunch of extended family and have some good ol outdoor fun!  Follow me on Instagram to see all the fun as it happens! 🙂
Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!! Did I mention that one week from today I’ll be flying to Europe?! Cuz I will be! hehe 🙂  

3 thoughts on “Oh Hey/Confessional Friday [Vol. 3]

  1. Dropping by from A Blonde Ambition! 🙂 I'm a Texas girl, too! I went to law school in Houston (so I totally know where Katy is!) and live in Dallas now. You're going to love London. Have you been before? I went for work a few years ago and squeezed in some vacation while I was there and seriously fell in love. This may not be at all helpful, but I did a few posts on my favorites from the trip, and you can find the last post and the links to the other two here: http://lovedandlovely.blogspot.com/2012/07/its-london-baby-part-iii-finally.html. Have a blast!


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