What’s in my Bag: Carry On Edition

As I’m sure none of you aware, Friday I leave for what promises to be an amazing trip.  I’m sorry I haven’t talked about it too much but you know I’m not excited at all about this trip. (Read: Sarcasm at work).
In order to make sure I have everything I need in both my checked bag and my carry on, I’ve done something I’ve never really done before.  I’m making a packing list AND packing early.  See I’ve never been the type of person who packs a week in advance.  I’m much more of a pack the night before kind of person.  And I’ve never been one to plan outfits either but I am! Usually I just grab a bunch of clothes that I know I like an fold them neatly into my suitcase.  
This time around I’m being super strategic and even taking pictures of my outfits for each day so I don’t have to spent 15-25 minutes every morning deciding what to wear.  I can just pull out my phone and boom it’s already decided for me.  I’ll be sharing more on that later this week.
Today however I’ve decided to share what’s going to be in my carry on bag.  Because maybe it’ll be helpful to someone else and so that I know what the essentials are for the next time I go o Europe (whenever that may be).  Plus I love posts like this….so fun.
I will be carrying two bags on the plane with me.  My carry bag which is actually just my camera bag from Jo Totes, the  Georgia Nautical bag to be specific.  When I found this bag I wanted it with the idea that it could service as my carry on as well as my camera bag.  So far it has not disappointed.  It has plenty of pockets and room for all my necessities an whatever doesn’t fit in there will fit in the purse I plan to take around Europe with me.  
Jenny and I will actually be carrying the same purse around only hers is navy and mine is grey.  But we both are totally in love with it because it has a ton of pockets and is super light weight.  My camera fits inside and with all the pockets and the fact that it’s a cross body will ensure our money and credit cards will be nice and safe as well.  
Ok now one to specifics:

Inside my carry on you will find:
A notepad
iPad (filled with music, books, and games to keep me thoroughly entertained on the 9 hour flight)
iPad/iPhone charger
Glasses/glasses case
Sleeping mask
DSLR camera (not pictured because hello I’m using it to take the picture.)
Extra memory card for camera
Camera charger
Orbit gum
Toiletry bag (I wanted to keep all my small toiletry items I’ll need for the trip separate so they are easier to access.)
Outfit for London (I plan to put a dress that doesn’t wrinkle at the bottom of the bag so I can change into it when we get to London along with a clean pair of undies.)

Inside the blue and white stripped toiletry bag that will go inside my carry on you will find:
Makeup Remover Wipes
All Purpose Wipes
Contact Case
Contact Solution
All my makeup

Inside my travel purse you will find:
Coin bag (with coin Euros)
Small bag with: Hand sanitizer, allergy meds, Ibuprofen
EOS lip balm (my favorite)
EOS lotion
Orbit gum (you can never have enough gum)
Tickets for attractions we’ve purchased in advance
Other travel documents for GoAhead Tours
Sunglasses (I bought a cheap pair that I liked so I didn’t have to worry about my designer ones getting lost or scratched.)

**Most of the items in my travel purse will be taken out or rearranged when we get to the hotel and only items I’ll need while we’re out and about will be placed in it.

Man I was worried that I wasn’t bringing enough in my carry on but when it’s all written out I kinda feel like I’m overpacking now.  But I want to prepared for anything and I know all the items I’m bringing are going to be used at one point or another so there ya go.

I just cannot believe it’s already here.  Jenny is finally getting excited (and anxious) for the trip so it’s been a fun week.  I’m glad I have her to make sure I bring everything I need.  I’m a little anxious but I’m more excited anxious than nervous anxious like she is feeling right now.

Both these bags are packed and ready to go.  Just need to add all my makeup to my toiletry bag on Friday morning and I’m all set.

Now I’m off to run a few pre-Europe errands.

Have a great Tuesday friends!

Oh question! Am I missing anything?  Is there anything you just can’t live without on a trip that I should bring?

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