Oh Hey Friday! [Goodbye USA, HELLO Europe!]

TODAY IS THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BAH! I cannot believe it’s already time to head on our adventure.  Our flight leaves at 3:15 and is an overnight nonstop flight to London thank goodness!  EEEKK!! Sorry I’m just so excited.  It’s a little unreal right now.

Ok on to the goods!  It’s time for:

[one] I took my time packing this week.  I think I’ve mention this before but I’ve never been a super organized packer.  I just kinda grab things I know I like to wear and through it in my suitcase and then worry about outfits later.  This time though I was meticulous.  First I wrote out each days outfit, then I took pictures of each outfit in the order I would be wearing it, and then I packed it.  Side note: Packing cubes are the best packing invention EVER!  They made packing SO much easier!! 
[two] Getting foreign currency exchanged in the US is a pain in the ass.  It took FOREVER to do this at the bank. And I’m pretty sure we got a shitty exchange rate for these Euros.  They bank didn’t have Pounds and apparently it takes 5 days for it to come in when it’s order so we’ll have to grab those when we get into London tomorrow from an ATM.  So we’ll see who has better exchange rates.  The US or the country itself. 

Jenny calls this Monopoly money because she says it looks fake.  Lol

[three] Mani/Pedis were had yesterday because cute hands and toes are must when romping around Europe for the week.  🙂 I went with classic red for both.  Polish is OPI’s Big Apple Red.

[four] I found this image on Google images and thought it was absolutely perfect for this week.  On Instagram I paired it with this quote:
“It’s better to see something once then hear about it a thousand times”  

I could not agree more! 🙂
[five] My parents are in town and are taking us to the airport today.  They just got back from New Orleans and the timing worked out perfectly for them to take us to the airport today.  I am so glad I get to see them before I leave. And so is my Mom! A few weeks ago they surprised me with a very generous gift to make sure I really enjoy myself in Europe.  I am just the luckiest to have them as my parents! 🙂
[six] Four words.  Nikki.Hilton’s.wedding.dress.  I am absolutely head over heels in LOVE with it.  She looked just stunning.  And to top things off she married a British man (my dream) AND she got married at Kensington Palace.  Her rehearsal dinner and reception were held at the Orangery (which is where I will be having afternoon tea on Sunday. hehe.. had to throw that in there.)  I keep looking at the pictures of her dress I saved to my phone.  Just magical.

(all pictures via Google Images)
We’ll there ya have it.  My last post for two weeks!  I may have an opportunity to post while I’m there for some quick updates.  Bit if you want to follow along with my trip then be sure to follow me on Instagram (just click the sidebar link titled Instagram and it will take you right to my site or you can search my name kathleennorris and boom you’re in business) because I’ll be posting pictures on that platform as often as I can!  You can also follow along via the hashtag #placeiwillgoabroad
Alrighty! Off to shower, change into my travel clothes, pack some last minute necessities and head to the airport!  
Have a fantastic weekend friends!  See ya in two weeks! 🙂 🙂 🙂 
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4 thoughts on “Oh Hey Friday! [Goodbye USA, HELLO Europe!]

  1. Love OPI Big Apple Red!! Of course, you have to have your toes and nails done! 🙂 I cannot wait to hear about your trip when you get back! Her dress was absolutely stunning!!!


  2. Have an amazing time! Happy travels! I go to England in October and would love to know what your highlights were when you get back. 🙂


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