Hello from Europe!!!

Hello hello lovely friends!  
I’m stopping in just to say hello and say that I’m having the best time ever over in Europe!!! Things are definitely different across the pond and I’m loving getting to actually experience all those difference.  
I’m already planning out all the posts for when I get back but I figured I would share a little preview and share some of my pictures from Instagram!  
Get ready for a very large photo dump!
Thats just a little taste! I’ll be sharing full details of each day of my trip as soon as I get back.  If you’d like to follow along with me you can follow me on Instagram or just go to #placesiwillgoabroad and boom you’ll be able too see all the pictures I’ve been posting. 
Crazy to think I still have an entire week left!  Most of which will be spent in Italy!! 
Hope everyone has had a great week! Catch ya next Saturday! 

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