"In Fair Verona Where We Lay Our Scene….."

After a delightful and refreshing day and night on Lake Como, we boarded that bus for one last time and made our way to Venice.  Along the way we stopped for a delightful and very warm afternoon in Verona.
I was particularly excited to see Verona, because Romeo and Juliet has always been one of my favorite plays.  That’s the actual play not the really weird Baz Lurhmann Romeo and Juliet starring my future husband. (Leonardo DiCaprio, duh).  And I’m happy to report that the city itself did not disappoint.  It was the cutest little city and I really wish we could have gotten the opportunity to see more of the city.  
Since we had such a limited time in the city itself we had to stick to the more popular and therefore more touristy areas of the city.  But something tells me that if we had had the chance to go further in we would have seen an entirely different side of Verona.  
We started our afternoon in the main square adjacent to the Colloseum and had about an hour and half to grab a quick bite to each.  So we spread out and chose a restaurant close to the location of our meeting place for our guided walking tour.
I wasn’t starving at the this point so I went with something light and delicious.  A caprese salad with homemade mozzarella cheese!  It was delicious and exactly what I was in the mood for on this very warm afternoon.   Jenny  opted for the horse meat stew.  Yep, you read that right. HORSE meat stew. It was served over gnocchi and tasted exactly like pot roast.  Obviously I couldn’t pass up the chance to try horse.  Apparently it is a pretty common thing to eat in both Verona and Venice.  

After lunch we met up with our tour guide for our guided sightseeing tour of the city.  She did a fantastic job of sharing stories about the history of the city as well as some fun facts about modern day Verona as well.  For example, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio travels to Verona a lot and was considering purchasing the apartment that is at the top of the yellow building on the left.  The area with the balcony and above is one apartment and he was going to buy it sometime last year.  He knew I would love Verona and was buying it as a love nest for the two of us.  ; )

We walked past the Colosseum located in the main square is older than the Colosseum in Rome and is used as a an opera house today.  One thing I found interesting was the fact they have all the props for each of the operas that are preformed inside the Colosseum in piles outside of the Colosseum itself surrounded by small fences.  They are not protected or covered at all.  I think this says a lot about the city itself.  They can leave expensive props out in the open and not really worry about whether people will steal them or graffiti on  them.

I hope to catch a opera the next time I’m in Verona!

We continued out tour through out the rest of the city stopping at most of the cities highlights including, Juliet’s Balcony (typically packed and full of tourists and pick pockets), we wandered through some of the older parts of the city where Ancient Roman ruins can be seen and admired, and ended at the old city gate that welcomed into Ancient Verona during Roman times.  
And now I will let some pictures speak for themselves! Enjoy!

This was one of my favorite squares.  It was surrounded by buildings that were built during each century.  Beginning with the 14th century and ending with the 19th century.  The buildings you see here were built during the 16th and 17th century.  I thought this was a fantastic way to celebrate the history of the city through its architecture.  

The tour ended at what was once the gate to Ancient Verona.  Still intact and gorgeous, connecting the ancient world with the modern one.

As I said,  I really liked Verona but like with most places I wish we had just a little more time to explore and enjoy the city.  It’s the perfect city to spend a day or two in and is easily accessible on your to or while in Venice.  After leaving Verona, we had about a two and half hour bus ride before we hit The Floating City.

Which you can read all about next week!! 🙂

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4 thoughts on “"In Fair Verona Where We Lay Our Scene….."

  1. I never realized that you could actually see all of the sites for the play Romeo and Juliet, but that's so awesome! I love the fact that they converted the old colosseum into the opera house! I bet that you would feel transported back in time seeing a performance there. And you're way braver than I am, since you tried horse meat! I don't think I could do it!


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