An Outfit Post: eShakti

I think we can all agree that getting new clothes is one of the best things EVER.  I mean who doesn’t love having a new top or dress to show off at work.  I think we can also agree that sometimes going clothing shopping can be one of the worst experiences EVER!  I hate when I go into one of my favorite shops (ie. JCrew and Target) and find something I love, only to absolutely hate the way it looks on in the dressing room because it just doesn’t fit quite right.  
If only my favorite shops provided custom clothing.  Thankfully there is an online site that does in fact provide customization to pretty much any item they have on their website.  eShakti is the name of this new (to me) clothing store website.  They have a  a ton of fantastic items and have a little bit of everything: dresses, tops, pants, skirts, and jackets.  And every single item is customizable.  
Now you’re probably wondering what exactly they will customize for you.  The answer is EVERYTHING!  Once you have chosen the item you want to buy you can change the sleeve length, the neckline, and length of the a dress.  They then give you the option of either putting in your normal garment size or entering your exact measurements.  Thus allowing your garment to fit you to a T.  
Now as I said, this website is new to me.  I had never heard of eShakti before I was contacted by them to put try out their services.  But I am SO glad that I have found them because it was such a fun and neat experience.  
Here are all the details:
The Dress
It took me forever to decide which piece I wanted to customize.  I knew I wanted a dress, but they have so many really cute options that I just couldn’t decide.  I settled on a very simple navy blue and white stripped dress that had a slight 1950s look to it.  It’s even titled as a “retro frock”.  
The Measurements
Next came the measuring.  I was a little nervous for this part because I have never had my exact measurements taken.  Thankfully Jenny is has a tape measure that is specifically for measuring for fabrics.  eShakti does a great job of walking you through the measuring process, they show you pictures and give you exact directions on where to measure.  
The Customization
After I put in my exact measurements, I was then able to customize the dress itself.  I wanted the full experience the site has to offer and so I changed the sleeve length and the neckline.  The only thing I did not change was the length of the dress itself.  I don’t have a dress that is below the knee length so I wanted to see try it out.  
The Waiting
Once I submitted my order I was so excited to finally get it.  I was on pins and needles waiting for it to get there.  I have to give eShakti props because they had my dress to me in just 3 weeks.  Which for a customized item is great turn around time, if you ask me.  I got my dress on Labor Day and I probably would have had it much sooner but it somehow ended up at my neighbors how and he didn’t bring it over until then.  So it may have gotten here in just under 3 weeks but it was in my hands right at the 3 week mark.  Either way, fantastic speedy service! 
The Final Product
When I pulled my dress out of the packaging I was immediately drawn to the fabric.  It is just the right thickness and overall feel of the dress.  The fabric is very soft and sturdy.  I pulled it over my head and it fit perfectly!  I have never had a dress that has fit so right.  It looks very sliming on (which I love), I can move my arms, and it has POCKETS!!!  
When I first put it on I wasn’t 100% sure I liked the length.  As I mentioned I had never had address that went past my knees and for a while I was wishing I had gotten it knee length exactly but once I paired it with heels I changed my mind.  I decided the dress needed a little something extra so I paired it with a brown belt and a pop of color with a pair of red heels (both borrowed from Jenny!)

Overall I had a fantastic experience with eShakti.  I would 100% recommend using them if you have a hard time finding clothing that fits you just right.  Providing your exact measurements makes a world of difference!  The clothes are made to fit you, you don’t have to be made to fit the clothes and that is my favorite thing about eShakti.  The pricing for the clothes is slightly more than I would normally spend but I figure that since they are making the clothes specifically to fit you, in the end it’s worth it to pay a little more than normal.

Here are a few of my favorites from the site that just may need to find homes in my closet at some point!

You can find more about eShakti on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

eShakti is offering Places I Will Go readers 10% off by using the code “kathleennorris”.  It is valid from 9/14-10/14!

Go check them out! You’ll love it! I know I did! 🙂

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Disclaimer: I was given an item of my choice from eShakti in exchange for my honest review of their products and services.  All opinions are my own. 

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