What’s Ha-"Pinning" [Vol. 5)

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Like any other basic girl, Pinterest has become my go-to for yummy recipes.  When I was on my health kick that is where I found all of my “healthy” recipes and when my parents came to visit over Spring Break last year and my Dad said he wanted to make a seafood stew, I looked to Pinterest for said recipes.  
So today for What’s Ha-“Pinning” I decided to share a few of the pins you can find on my Edible Eats board and one of my most recent favorite recipes! 🙂
That last one is a recipe that I made a few weeks ago (and again last night) and LOVED!!!  I loved it so much I decided to share it with you here.
So without further ado I give you:  Creamy Shrimp Pasta! 
What you’ll need:
1 lb shrimp  ( I used the pre-cooked and frozen shrimp. It took about 4 minutes to complete defrost in cold water.
Any type of pasta you want.  (I used linguine)
1 stick of butter
Cream cheese (I didn’t really have an exact amount.  I use about 1/4 of the package.  And then added more to taste)
1 can diced tomatoes
2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (THIS IS SO IMPORTANT!)
1-2 tablespoons of basil (I used dried)
1-2 tablespoons of dried (or fresh) parsley
Salt and Pepper to taste
1 tablespoon of minced garlic

Here’s what you do:

1. Boil your pasta.  This always takes the longest so I start my pasta before I do anything else.
I also use this time to defrost my shrimp.  Again just throw them in a bowl of hot water and they will be defrosted in 4-5 minutes.

2. Melt the stick of butter in your cook pan.  I waited until my pasta was boiling to do this.

3. While the butter melts toss your herbs over your shrimp (after it had defrosted of course).  I put all my herbs in a small bowl and then spread it over the shrimp.

4.  Once your butter is melted, throw the shrimp into your pan. 

5.  Let the shrimp cook for a few minutes.  Then add your garlic and lemon juice.  I let those three things do their thing for a few minutes.  After that I threw in about 3/4 of the tomatoes.  I didn’t want the dish to take too tomatoey (not sure if that is a word).

6. After the tomatoes had time to meld with the shrimp I added the cream cheese a little at time over the whole pan.

7. After letting the cream cheese melt into the the sauce, throw in your pasta.

AND WA-LA!  You have a super tasty shrimp pasta! 🙂

You can add pretty much any vegetable you want to the dish.   Which is one of the things I like about it.  You could also substitute the shrimp for chicken and I’m sure it would be just as good.  I will say that the lemon juice is a MUST.  I made this last night and thought I had lemons but didn’t, and I could definitely tell the difference. I did something else different last night but I can’t tell what it was.  The dish came out a little darker than what you see in the pictures and while it still tasted okay, it tasted better the first time I made it.  So there’s that.

But it is still a very tasty dish, especially if you like shrimp and cream cheese.  Which lets be honest, everyone love cream cheese! 🙂

Have a great Wednesday!

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