What’s Ha-"Pinning" [Vol. 6- My Christmas List]

One of my favorite things as a child was making Christmas lists.  Who am I kidding, I think one of EVERYONE’S favorite things growing up was making Christmas lists.  I remember my brother and I used get the ads that came in the Sunday paper and take turns circling the things we wanted.  And I have to admit my parents were pretty amazing and we got just about everything on said lists.
As I’ve gotten older though, the lists have disappeared.  Until now.  I figured coming up with a list of things that I wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas would be helpful to those who would like to get me something and have no idea.  
I have to admit,  coming up with a list was kinda difficult.  Because I don’t really need any of this stuff.  It’s just a list of things that I wouldn’t mind having in my closet/wearing everyday.

[one] Hunter boots.   These are all over the blog world but to be honest, I need them!  I don’t know if you know this but it rains fairly often in Houston.  And when it does rain it RAINS.  Just the other day I was wearing my beloved Tori Burch flats and they were drenched by the end of the day.  And I just kept thinking…if I had rainboots (HUNTER RAIN) boots this rainy day would be so much better.  I would prefer the typical solid black pair.  I’ve found them here and here.

[two] A Columbia Fleece jacket.   I need something that can be thrown over just about anything on a cold/chilly day.  I’ve had my eye on the Columbia jacket for a year and just haven’t bought it.  So I decided to add it to my list!  I think I’d like either a dark grey or black!

[three] Kendra Scott earrings in grey. These too have been on my list for a while.  I finally got my hands on the Kendra Scott necklace I’ve been wanting thanks to Rocks Box.  But I’m still itching for the medium sized earrings in grey.

[four] Tarte undereye corrector.  In the last few months I’ve noticed I’ve developed dark circles under my eyes.  I’ve tried a couple of different brands that I’ve picked up at Target but I found that this brand does the best job.  My friend Ashtyn introduced it to me and I’ve been meaning to stop by an Ulta and pick it up and just haven’t.  So on the list it goes.

[five] Two toned Citizen watch.  Jenny is the one who introduced me to this watch a year ago.  I had a watch I was perfectly happy with that my brother got me for Christmas about 2 years ago.  Sadly though it finally broke.  So I have been watch less since July.  And right now Citizen watches are on sale at Macy’s!  I think this baby is at the top of my Christmas list! 🙂

[six] Herringbone Vest from J Crew (or something similar) THIS VEST.  I adore it.  It is the perfect winter vest if you ask me.  Recently a friend bought one just like the J Crew version off of amazon for half the price too.  I was in the J Crew Outlet last week though and tried it on.  It needs home in my closet.  Along with a red plaid shirt!

[seven] A Fit-Bit.  Do I need one? No.  Do I want one?  YES!  Mostly because I’m a huge fan of all the bands you can buy to go with one.  And to remind myself of just how “unfit” I actually am! lol

Well there ya go.  I would honestly be happy with just about anything.  As you get older its harder and harder to answer the question, “What do you want for Christmas.”  So hopefully this is helpful!

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I’m heading home for Thanksgiving.  Wish me luck on my 10 hour drive! 🙂

4 thoughts on “What’s Ha-"Pinning" [Vol. 6- My Christmas List]

  1. What a great wishlist!I've debated whether Hunter rain boots are worth the price. I wouldn't mind as much if it came as a gift hahaThanks for linking up today!!


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