13 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Christmas

It is officially the most magical time of the year.  Which also happens to be my favorite time of year!  So in the spirit of the season, I’ve come up with a list of things I’m most looking forward to this Christmas!  
Life has been so much better for me this this time of year compared to last year.  And I want to savor every single moment of my favorite time of year.  Especially since I’m so much happier! 🙂
So here are the 13 things I’m most looking forward to this Christmas! 

[one] Christmas break! I have to say that’s one of the best things about being a teacher.  The fact that we get two weeks of paid vacation during the holidays is amazing.

[two] Listening to Christmas music 24/7.  Ok I’ll be honest, I’ve actually been listening to Christmas music since the week before Thanksgiving.  But I blame the radio station that started playing it that early.

[three] Watching all of my favorite Christmas movies.  Including: Meet Me in St. Louis, The Santa Clause, Elf, Bundle of Joy (starring Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher, I may be the only one who knows what this movie is!), Miracle on 34th Street (the old version, not the remake. blegh),  and
White Christmas.

[four] Getting to enjoy the Christmas decor at my house here in Houston and my parents house in El Paso.  Nothing is better than sitting on your couch with your Christmas tree all lit up and a cup of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate in your hands in a Christmas mug! 🙂

[five] Wearing a tacky Christmas sweater to school before break!  I found the PERFECT one at Target a few weeks ago.  Cannot wait to wear it!

[six] Cold weather! Bring on all the scarves and jackets and vests I can get my hangs on.

[seven] Driving around to look at Christmas lights.  

[eight] Christmas morning! We have a simple little tradition at home where we have a Christmas brunch while I force my family to watch the Disney Parks Christmas Day Parade.

[nine]  Getting to see my sweet little niece Lacey have her very first Christmas!  She may not remember a thing but I know her mom and I will!

[ten] Christmas shopping for my friends and family.  I just love picking out things I know my loved ones will love!

[eleven] Presents from Santa!  Okay okay that may sounds just the tiniest bit selfish but come on…..you know you like getting presents too. 🙂 (My mom will still sign the tags on a few of the presents Love, Santa.)

[twelve] Just enjoying the magic that is the season.  Everyone is so full of love and happiness during this time of year.  It really brings out the best in people.

[thirteen] Saying Goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016!  

Well there ya have it.  My little ol list is pretty simple but it just perfect for me!

Oh and here’s a peak at our Christmas decor this year.  I still haven’t put any of our ornaments on the tree but that will happen tonight! (You can thank Brady for that one).

What are you most looking  forward to during this Holiday season?!

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8 thoughts on “13 Things I’m Looking Forward to This Christmas

  1. So many awesome, and fun!, things to look forward to! I'm definitely excited for break…but am a little frantic only having 3 weeks to get everything done before then. Thanks for linking up!!


  2. I LOVE your decor and can't wait to see the tree all completed. Great Christmas list as well and I am truly jealous about your 2 week break! I went into the wrong field – Legal never takes a break – LOL


  3. do not even need to read anymore past the christmas break part because i'm so jealous of your life! However, I am also looking forward to watching christmas movies too. especially elf!


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