The [First] Weekend of 2016

The first official weekend of 2016 has come and gone.  And I for one am just not ready to go back to normal life.  I’ve had two very relaxing and enjoyable weeks off and facing work is just not appealing at them moment.  Thank goodness we only have two weeks before our next mini-break.  AKA:  MLK Day.

So my very first weekend of 2016 was VERY enjoyable.  I had a very low key and relaxing New Year Eve,  Chick Fil A for dinner and then we were in the middle of an episode of Pretty Little Liars (the first season) and I looked down at my phone and boom….it was 2016.  No fuss, no muss.  Happy New Years were said and we kept on watching the show.

The rest of the weekend was a delight however!  Here were the highlights:


-Started off 2016 with a cup of coffee and my planner.  I’ve decided to simplify my planner for this year.  I went with a monthly only calendar from Target.  It is super thin and I love it.  Although I keep finding myself browsing the Erin Condren website.  So we’ll see how long it takes before I cave and buy one.

– Had a yummy lunch at a place out in the burbs outside of Katy.  It’s called Dekkers and it was very tasty.

– Tried out a new pair place here in Katy called Proud Pies.  They’re Key Lime Pie was/is to die for and I will def be making a stop there at some point in the near future (ie. tomorrow since I have an appointment right next to the pie shop!)

-Watched Spice World.  <—– Biggest highlight of the whole day.  I still remember the words to every Spice Girls song and pretty much all the lines in the movie.


– Had a delicious brunch at Pecan Creek Grill in Houston.  (You’ll notice a pattern here soon, lots of eating was done this weekend.)

– Went to the movies with Jenny and Holly.  We saw Joy, which I highly recommend to everyone. Such a good movie and a major motivator for following your dreams! Plus Jennifer Lawrence is amazing in it per usual.

– Bought two new lamps fro Marshalls.  I adore them and cannot wait for them to find a home in my new apartment come August.  More on that development later this week! 🙂


This was by far my most productive day of the weekend! 🙂

– Went to a yummy little bagel place in Katy called The Bagel Cafe for breakfast.

– Completely cleaned out the inside of my car.  I whipped down the entire interior and vacuumed the crap outta the floors and seats.  It is the cleanest it’s been in about 6 months and I am going to make it a point to keep it that way.  So much better driving around in a clean car than a dirty one!

Took down all the Christmas decorations.  This was very sad.  I love the little collection of Christmas decor I’ve amassed!

– Made a Target run for my weekly grocerys!  Now I don’t have to eat out for every meal.

– Watched the premier of the final season of Downton Abbey.  I just adore this show and am so sad that this is its last season.  I will be soaking up every single moment of the show until it’s over.  And then I’ll re-watch it.

Overall it was an A+ weekend!  I’m still not ready to go back to work but alas I am adult and must therefore do adult things like go to work.  
I do have something to look forward to today though!  I’m getting my hair cut and colored after school and I am so excited!  This mop of mine hasn’t had anything done to it since June and it is crying for some attention.  
I hope each of you had a fantastic first weekend of 2016! I took a moment this weekend to think about the goals I want to accomplish this year so I’ll be sharing those this week as well as a few of the major things I’m really looking forward to!  
Have a great Monday! 🙂

4 thoughts on “The [First] Weekend of 2016

  1. It is SO hard going back today…I'm with you. Those two weeks were glorious, but I'd take another one :)Hope the start to the week is easy for ya!


  2. Good luck with being back at teaching! CHEERS TO MLK WEEKEND! Haha…it keeps me going, too! Looks like a cute and functional planner! I know everyone is really into Erin Condren right now, and I'm sure her stuff is awesome, but I'm just curious if it's THAT much better than a less expensive one at Target…thoughts?


  3. That sounds like the perfect weekend to ring in the New Year, lots of relaxation time and some productivity too! I've wanted to see Joy, so I'm glad that you ended up liking it! We still have all of our Christmas decorations up, but I'm planning on taking them down this weekend, and our house is going to be so sad and bare!


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