Currently [January]

Reading….Soon I’ll be starting a book called The Heir and the Spare by Emily Albright.  It is sort of similar to The Royal We, which I loved so I’m hoping this one will be just as good! 🙂  This will be my 4th book of 2016.  

Drinking….Water.  I’ve made it a point to not buy anymore soda for the house.  That way I’m forced to drink water.  Although in about 10 minutes I’m gonna be making myself a nice cup of tea! 

Watching….The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I’m a big sucker for The Real Housewives franchise.  My favorites are Orange County, New York, Beverly Hills.  I’ve heard rumors that soon there will be a Real Housewives of Dallas.  It’s about time they brought this wonderful show to the Lone Star State.

Thinking about….Disney World.  Huge shocker I know.  Especially if you’ve been reading this blog for a while now.  But it’s true.  All of a sudden I got this urge to be there.  That happens sometimes.  Thankfully I have about 10,000 different pictures I can scroll through when I’m having a “Disney withdrawal” and that usually helps.  Oh and Disney music….lots and lots of Disney music! 🙂
Looking forward to….FEBRUARY!!! I have so many fun things in the month of February.  The Thrive Blog Conference, I’m photographing a friends wedding (AHHH!!!), the Oscars are happening and Leo is going to win his first Oscar, and we’re one month closer to my birthday!  Woo Hoo! Come on February!

Wearing….PJs!  I have been such a lazy bum this week.  Seriously as for the last two days I’ve come home from work and immediately put on my pajamas and have parked my butt on the couch.  And I don’t feel bad about it at all.  

Wanting…. to go on a cruise.  It’s been 2ish years since my Disney Cruise and I am dying to go on another one.  I really wanted to go on one for Spring Break but looks like I’ll be sticking around Houston for that week.  

Wishing….Money grew on trees.  Seriously that would make life so much easier.  
Remembering….Last month when I wrote up this post, I was wishing for a White Christmas and wouldn’t you know it, I got one!  How funny is that!  In case you missed it, it snowed for a full two days in El Paso the day after Christmas.  We were pretty much snowed in.  (Ok it was only 5 inches but to a city that never gets snow it might as well have been 20 inches.)

Needing…. A new cell phone case.  Mine has pretty much fallen apart save for two little spots.  I just need to find one that it durable, cute (preferably with some type of floral pattern going on), and doesn’t cost an arm and leg like most cell phone cases are nowadays.  Any suggestions as to where I can find one that meets all those requirements?!
Laughing at…. these funnies:

Happy Thursday friends! We’re one day closer to the weekend!

4 thoughts on “Currently [January]

  1. Thanks for linking up! I just told my husband that we need to go back to Disney NOW! We were there wayyyy back in 2009 on one of our first dates and well, 7 years is too long between Disney trips! My birthday is next month and I'm really thinking I want to go to Disney! Also, math problems…me too, girl. Me too.


  2. My inlaws are going on a Disney cruise this year and they asked us to go along, and I totally wish that we could, but we're going to Europe and I won't have enough vacation days left over. It's so sad because I'd love to see my nieces and nephew's reactions to everything Disney! And yes to everything Real Housewives! It seems like the drama is just getting started on Beverly Hills, and I can't wait for Dallas! Potamac just started, and I'm kind of on the fence about it.


  3. I can't wait to go to Disneyland I hope it's this year if not hopefully next year. I am sure my little guy would love to go there. Hubby has been talking about going so we shall see. Great post. Hope you have a great weekend.


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