Birthday Wish List

In honor of my birthday week. I thought it would be fun to throw together a little birthday wish list. I did this at Christmas and it was a lot of fun.  Love putting together these silly little collages! 🙂  
Here it is!

// Old Navy dresses.  Per usual Old Navy has some super cute spring items out that I have my eye on.  I’m pretty sure I can create my entire Spring/Summer line up with Old Navy clothes.  These were just two of my favorites.

// Kendra Scott necklace and earrings.  These were the items I found for myself at Kendra Scott, when Ashley and I had our second blate.  I love how simple and classic both pieces are.  I’m more into the simple and delicate look when it comes to jewelry and these to fit the bill just perfectly.   (One of these will probably be purchased with my birthday 50% off coupon!)

// Throw Pillows.  Thanks to Pinterest I recently stumbled on a new home good site that I’m obsessed with.  Sadly most of the items are just a tad a lot out of my price range.  But I love the print and color of these custom pillows.  I think they would look perfect in my new apartment come July.  Sadly they are $165 a piece!!! I just can’t justify that.  Fingers  crossed I can find something similar at Home Goods or something.

// Toms Wedges.  I mentioned these once already and I’m doing it again because of how much I like them.  Seriously they are the perfect height so darn cute.  I need them in my life like woah.  Their from Nordstroms and I do have a gift card from Christmas that I still haven’t used.  So these may also be something I purchase for myself! 🙂

//New phone case.  I’ve been searching for a new phone case for months now and I finally found I really like.  I’ve been wanting something with florals on it and Caseify has some really pretty options.  (Confession:  I bought the one you see in the picture yesterday.  I couldn’t wait!)

// Mobi Wifi Enabled SD Card.  I’m really interested in trying out one of the wifi enabled SD cards for my DSLR camera.  Meg from Everyday Meg, had one at the Thrive Blog Conference and so they were instantly able to upload her pictures to Instagram because she could instantly download them to her iPad (you can also download it to your phone!).  Love that idea. Especially with how obsessed I am with Instagram! 🙂 (Not pictured cuz I forgot!)

Well there ya have it friends.  Just a few things I wouldn’t mind having in honor of turning 28 this Friday! 🙂

Also wanted to send a quick shout out to Courtney from Alkeks Abroad.  She is a fellow Texan, fellow Texas State alumni, and currently lives in Australia with her hubby and today is her BIRTHDAY!! So Happy Birthday Courtney! 🙂

Have a great Tuesday! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List

  1. i really want one of those wifi SD cards but i go back and forth because of the reviews.. so let me know if you get it and love it! i don't need new dresses (i might have just bought 2 for my cruise, oops) but those old navy ones are super cute.


  2. I loved the pieces that you picked out at Kendra Scott, and I hope that you get the chance to grab them sometime soon! And hooray for a new phone case! I know that you were dying with the old one that you had! Oh my goodness, $165 for a pillow is way too much money, but I'm sure that Home Goods will have something similar!


  3. All of these goodies are great bday gifts! Kendra Scott anything is always the best :)! That pillow is pretty, but yikes for $165, hopefully you find something at HomeGoods or TJ Maxx that's similar!


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