28 Things That Make Me Happy

A few months ago I was browsing blogs when I stumbled on a tag entitled, “50 Things That Make Me Happy”.  If I’m honest I can’t remember which blog I first saw it on, so sorry for that.  But it has been sitting in my drafts for months now.  But this week I’m doing birthday inspired posts, so I figured I would change the number in honor of the fact that I will be turning 28!  
(Plus I love posts like this!  They’re so fun!)
[one] Fresh flowers. Particularly peony’s, stock blossoms, hycinthias, and hydrangeas.
[two] Reece’s peanut butter cups (or pumpkins or eggs, or minis)
[three] a fresh mani/pedi

[four] Instagram
[five] The chicken strips from the Target deli.  Seriously those little babies are delicious!  If you’ve never had them make it a priority and do it. 
[six] Leonardo DiCaprio and his movies. Yes, even though his movies aren’t exactly “feel good”.
[seven] The color pink

[eight] My fur babies, Sadie and Brady
[nine] My best friends.  People tease me because I don’t just have one best friend.  I consider several girls my “best friends” and they are…..Ashley, Abby, Jenny, Suzanne, Ashtyn, Monica, Jordan, Kelly, Katie, and Whitney.  Do I see these ladies everyday?  Do I talk to them everyday?  No, I don’t.  But I do know that I would not be there person I am if not for each and every one of them.  So thank you girls, I cannot imagine life without any of you.
[ten] Blogging. My blog and my blogger friends!
[eleven] Clothes from the following stores: Old Navy, Target, J Crew Factory, and Francesca’s

[twelve] Coffee first thing in the morning

[thirteen] Taking pictures and looking at pictures I’ve taken

[fourteen] Chick-fil-a

[fifteen] BOOKS!

[sixteen] Getting my hair done.  Seriously it is one of the best parts of being a girl.

[seventeen] Not having to set an alarm

[eighteen] Traveling

[nineteen] All things DISNEY

[twenty] Afternoon Tea

[twenty one] Clean sheets and a clean room

[twenty two] Harry Potter
[twenty three] Floral scented candles

[twenty four] Going to the movies

[twenty five] Singing in the car

[twenty six] Spring days and eventually summer nights

[twenty seven] Avocados!!!

[twenty eight] My family 

Well it was kinda hard to stop at just 28.  But there ya have it.  Feel free to use this on your own blog!   And let me know if you do because like I said, these are some of my favorite posts to read! 🙂
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11 thoughts on “28 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Yes to all of these (especially Reese's)! I love this post idea – such a good excuse to think about your life and what you're thankful for! xx, Caitlinwww.wandererandwolf.com


  2. I love you did 28 things that you made you happy for your birthday! I don't know if there's anything better than taking pictures and then looking back at your pictures! One of my favorite things about blogging is getting to share those pictures with everybody!


  3. I love posts like this! Such a fun idea, I may have to borrow it :)! I'm with you on a lot of these, I definitely always check my pictures right after taking them lol. Reese's of all kinds are the best!! Also yes to fresh flowers, nothing compares to that :)!


  4. love this and agree with all of it! well, i only have 3 best friends haha and i don't drink coffee, but other than that, we're twinsies. books and chick fil a, yum! i notice you didn't mention milkshakes, but that's okay, i'll have enough for the both of us haha


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