What’s Ha-"Pinning" [Vol. 8 – Refurbishing a Couch]

On Easter Sunday I was just about to get into the shower, when my roomie walked in and told me to stop what I was doing, throw on some clothes, and come with her right that minute.  She had something to show me.

That something turned out to be a vintage couch, that our neighbor had tossed to the curb.  The minute she saw it, she knew that it had to be mine.  So we walked two houses down and as we were walking she told me she thought it would be the perfect couch for my new place.  All it needs is a little TLC and it will be perfect she said.

I was very skeptical at first, but after getting the reassurance that she would 100% help me with everything….I decided to take on the project.

In case you missed it, here is what the couch looks like:

We’ve determined that the couch needs the following things:

-all new fabric
-all new trim
-coat of paint
-new couch cushions
-new legs (the left front leg is cracked pretty badly)

Obviously immediately after bringing the couch into the house I jumped on Pinterest and started looking for inspiration AND tutorials.  Because the most I have ever refurbished is this little stool.

So here are a few of my inspirations:

I especially love that last couch.  So that was the main inspiration I took with me, when we went to Hobby Lobby to officially choose the fabric and trim.  And I am so excited to show y’all what we picked out (ok well what Jenny picked out, homegirl has great taste so I trust her judgment!)

The fabric itself has this shimmer grey in it and I think it will go perfectly with the grey chairs I found from Marshall’s are a few months back.  I’ve also decided to paint the couch white because I love the look of the with the white trim.  (As you can tell from all my inspiration pictures!)

Since I’ve picked out the fabric, the next step was to create a schedule for getting the couch done.  I want it to be completely refurbished before I move into my mew apartment in late July/early August.

I’m using this month to completely strip it, May will be buying all the materials (fabric, trim, and legs) and getting it on the couch itself and adding the trim, and then in June I’ll get custom cushions made.  If I don’t follow that exact timeline it will be ok, I really hope to have it done before July 20th. That’s my goal.  

I know this is a HUGE task to take on but I am so excited.  I’m hoping to spend about $200 or less on the project.  But honestly I feel like if I spend anything less than $399 I will come out ahead because that’s how much I was planning to spend on a brand new couch.  Fingers crossed I come out WAY under that!

So tell me! What do y’all think? 🙂

Linking up with Jenn and Jess for What’s Ha-“Pinning”! 🙂

9 thoughts on “What’s Ha-"Pinning" [Vol. 8 – Refurbishing a Couch]

  1. That couch has such a good frame! That fabric will look great. I always want to do project like, but I get too intimidated. Be sure to share how it goes!


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