Apartment Style: Living Room Decor

Apartment Style
As most of you know at the end of this summer I will be moving into my very own apartment.  I officially decided it was time for this major change around Christmas time and I figured it would be easier to start buying furniture and stuff over the course of the next few months.  I didn’t want to pay all the move in fees AND have to furnish and entire apartment.  My wallet would not have been able to handle that.
I’ve slowly but surely found all the bigger items I need to fill up my living room.  The only thing I’m missing now is an entertainment center for my TV and movies and things.  I have my eye on few options over at Home Goods but will be waiting until it’s a little closer to my move in date to actually purchase anything.
Anyway I figured I would show off what I’ve bought so far!  I think everything will come together very nicely.  Again these are the larger pieces I’ve picked out, excluding the couch since it hasn’t been refurbished yet.  But you can read all about that exciting project here.
Alrighty here is a breakdown of my future living room:

Painting- My pride and joy!!  I was walking through Hobby Lobby when I saw this gorgeous piece.  It was love at first sight and immediately came home with me.  This is definitely going to be the staple piece in the living room.  Here’s a better picture of it:
Coffee Table – Is from Ikea and is not something I ever thought I would look at.  But I originally saw it on one of my favorite bloggers blog, Lauren from Lauren Elizabeth.  I love the way she had it styled and knew I wanted to have it in my apartment!  
Lamps – These were actually the first things I bought!  I found them a Marshall’s and knew they were perfect.  You can’t tell but they have this silver tinge to them with a light silver lamp shade.  
Rug –Ok I haven’t actually purchased this yet.  But I know I’m going to buy it, so I figured I throw it on the collage.  Plus I needed to fill a blank spot.  But I love this too.  The gray in the rug is going to go great with the gray chairs and gray-silver speckles in the couch fabric. 

Chairs- My second pride and joy.  These babies were also found in Marshall’s and again, love at first sight.  My roommate found them and knew I would adore them.  They were a little pricey but 100% worth it.  I’m keeping them in our guest bedroom right now will occasionally go in there and look at them.

BookshelfSince I went for a more contemporary look with the coffee table, I decided I needed another piece to help tie them together.  Then I saw an IKEA hack pin on Pinterest with this bookshelf painted gold and I new I needed to recreate it.  So once I have built the bookshelf I believe I will be painting it gold!  That’s the plan for now at least.  But I’ll officially make that decision once it’s built and in the apartment with everything else.


Well there ya have it.  Seeing all the pieces together like this makes me even more excited for this move.  I can’t wait to fill the shelves and walls with accent pieces that will really make the place feel complete!

So what do y’all think?!

19 thoughts on “Apartment Style: Living Room Decor

  1. Those chairs are darling and that bookshelf sounds awesome! Isn't it so fun to have your own place that you can decorate any way you please?! That's also great that you've been able to start purchasing some items before you move in. We didn't have the space for that before we bought our house so it's slowly coming together.


  2. I picked up a large size painting too for one room and it ended up being the centerpiece for another. New bedding and it made a whole new look. What great ideas – I need to get the chair now for my bedroom.


  3. LOVE that you said lamps were the first thing you bought! I am obsessed with lamps…they make any space feel like home. I have so many in my classroom, my students make jokes about me being the lamp lady. haha


  4. This is coming together awesomely. The painting is great and THOSE CHAIRS. I love them so so much. They're the perfect size and don't block a lot of light from the windows. I need a Marshalls nearby, man.


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