Exploring Houston: Sugar & Cloth Color Wall

A few weeks ago I was browsing Instagram when I spotted several of my fellow Houston bloggers all posting from the same place.  They were posting from a gorgeous wall of color, right here in Houston.  My first thought was: “WHAT! I’ve never seen that wall.  How in the world did Ashley and I miss that on our mural day back in March.”  My second though was, “I NEED TO GO THERE!”  They all had tagged the following hashtag: #sugarandclothcolorwall.  
I clicked the hashtag and it took me a ton of other pictures in front of the wall and eventually to the Sugar & Cloth Instagram page! If you haven’t seen it, they basically have one of the prettiest and most colorful Instagram pages ever.   I originally met Ashley from Sugar & Cloth at the Thrive Blog Con.  She talked to us about increasing our social media presence and was an absolute doll and so knowledgeable.  
She’s also just about the best DIY-er I’ve come across.  So when I heard that her business was the sponsor of the wall I knew it was gonna be good.  
So obviously, Ashley from The Wandering Weekenders (aka my blogging buddy and Houston explorer partner in crime) and I had to check it out.  
The wall is located at 3302 Canal Street, Houston TX 77003.  It’s on the wall of the building that is going to be the future home of a company called, Headquarters.  
There is plenty of parking directly in front of the wall and the is a ton of space to allow for plenty of people to share the space without getting in each others way.   There were a few other people already at the wall by the time that we got there (around 10:20 in the AM).  But we all worked around each other and it worked perfectly.
We saw some fashion photography going on, a couple shoot, a few girls were taking graduation photos, and a family shoot.  The wall has only officially been open since April 4th and I would say that it it already one of (if not THE) most popular wall in the city…so well done Sugar and Cloth! 🙂

Ashley and I took turns taking some photos in different parts of the wall.  And we used her tripod to catch some photos of us together.  We both wore neutral colors because we felt those would stand out the best with such bright colors as our backgrounds.

 I can’t decide which color combos I like the most!  They all go together so well!  SO…here are a handful of the pictures we snapped!

We were able to snag the wall all to ourselves for about 5 minutes.  Which was awesome because we were able to get more of the wall in our pictures by going across the street!  

I had to include that last picture, because we tried to get a jumping picture together but failed so epically it was hilarious.  We got some pretty funny stares from the other people at the wall, but hey that’s what the wall is for right! 🙂

If you live in Houston or are planning to visit I 100% suggest you make a stop at the Sugar & Cloth Color Wall.  You will have so much fun posing in front of the wall (bring some props if you want!) and will come away with some really fun and colorful pictures!

Just as a reminder you can find the wall at: 3302 Canal Street, Houston TX 77003.  

Oh and don’t forget to pin that top image so you can save the post for when you decide to take a trip to the wall! 🙂

Now go be COLORFUL friends! 🙂

27 thoughts on “Exploring Houston: Sugar & Cloth Color Wall

  1. this is a bloggers dream!! and you know why!? because the ground is even painted! i'm a sucker for posing in front of a colorful mural, but I HATE HATE HATE, how the ground is always gross. this wall is what my posing/blogger dreams are made of 🙂


  2. This looks like such a fun spot! Will definitely have to make my way here after I move, maybe if you and Ashley are planning another trip down there after I've moved to Houston we can go :)! Is it by a pretty busy street or not much, looks kind of industrial? That jumping pic is a great blooper pic lol!


  3. This is so cool! I see people posting pictures of awesome walls in Los Angeles all the time. I saw a guide to Instagram walls in LA the other day. Honestly, I have to follow that guide and find my own gold.


  4. Ahh you and Ashley are the cutest! I love how you carefully chose your outfits for maximum impact, I think it definitely works. And that's such a cool business idea, if the new company relies on foot traffic at all they'll be all set when they open. Brilliant pictures 🙂


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