Currently {June}

Reading…. A book I picked up from Target a few weeks ago.  It’s called Losing the Light by Andrea Dunlap.  So far so good.  It’s an easy read which is what I’m looking for right now.  The next book will be my next book club books.  It’s called An Ember in the Ashes.

I will have a “Your Next Favorite Book” post next week, and I’ll sharing all the books I read in May.  Including one of my new personal all time favorites…Me Before You.  If you haven’t read this….GET ON IT NOW! It is so good.

Feeling…. a tad overwhelmed.  It’s this couch project y’all.  It’s not that I didn’t think it wouldn’t be hard.  I KNEW it would be, but I dunno I thought it would be something else too.  But as I really dig into the project I keep second guessing myself.  I realized that the fabric I originally chose is going to be WAY to expensive. This project was supposed to save me some money not cost me more money.  Then I keep thinking, what if I buy all this fabric and then hate it.  What if I don’t pull the fabric tight enough and the couch looks like shit. What if I get it all done and it is the most uncomfortable couch in the history of couches (I always fall asleep on the couch, so it’s a must that this couch be nap-able) What if….What if….What if….BAH.  So many what ifs, it’s giving me a little bit of anxiety and I am not an anxious person.

Drinking…. nothing at the moment.  But I am thirsty and a Dr. Pepper sounds amazing.  But I don’t keep it in the house anymore so water it is.

Watching…. Real Housewives of New York.  These girls are so bitchy!  And I love it.  Sonya needs to get it together…I’m sorry but “Tipsy Girl?”  Way to close to Skinny Girl if you ask me.  Especially after Bethany invited her into a Skinny Girl meeting last season and she sat there and took notes!!  Then all of a sudden she comes out with a drink called Tipsy Girl.  Yeah I would be pissed too.  Not cool Sonya, not cool.

Wanting…. New bedding.  Which is the last thing I need right now, since I have an entire apartment I need to buy things for but still.  It’s on the list, albeit at the very bottom of the list.  Doesn’t stop me from walking around Target and picking out the one I want.  Here the I think I like best right now.

Wishing…. I had about $1,000 extra dollars in the bank.  (Don’t we all).

Thinking about…. That today is THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! Well technically I have to go to work tomorrow, but there will be zero students and it’s just a wrap up day.

Looking forward too…. Going home in two weeks.  We’re gonna spend most of my week home at our family cabin in Ruidoso, NM and I cannot wait to get some mountain air.  We’ll also be going to see my cousin and her new baby!

Loving…. These Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lip Sticks.  I joined Influenster a few weeks ago and have loved reviewing some of my favorite products.  I got my very first Vox Box in the mail the other day and inside were 2 of the new Vivid Matte Liquid Lipsticks.  They are so fun!  I received two different colors, a nude and a red.  My favorite was the nude, called Nude Flush.  It has a slight pink tinge to it and goes great with my skin tone.  I’ve worn it to work everyday since I got it.

This is by no means an actual matte, it has a matte finish but is very creamy.  It doesn’t have a dry finish it has a very creamy finish.  It’s not that dries either, you will have to reapply it throughout the day, which is fine with me.

Well there ya have a little bit of what’s new with me.  I seriously cannot believe it’s the last day of school.  It feels like yesterday I was so excited for the start of the school year and now I’m about to say goodbye.  WOO HOO!

Till tomorrow friends! 🙂

It’s the week of the link ups….linking up with Kristen for What’s New With You!

13 thoughts on “Currently {June}

  1. I can't wait to read all about the books you've been reading lately! I just added Me Before You to my list for a book challenge, so I'll finally be reading it! I'm loving RHNYC this season too! Sonja is all types of crazy, and I can't believe that she actually thought that Tipsy Girl was a good idea! Way too close to Skinnygirl! Not cool! I still need to watch the episode from last night, so I think I know what I'm doing tonight!


  2. i don't watch any of the real housewives but i love me a skinny girl cocktail haha. that sucks someone is stealing her idea. how rude. and girl.. the couch. sorry to hear it! i am sure you will do amazing, don't second guess yourself. i have never done anything that complex, but i did so something kind of hard for me and it turned out better than i thought i could do haha so don't write yourself off just yet. you might surprise yourself!can't wait to hear all about the books you've been reading. i have losing the light on my shelf at home, i think.


  3. That bedspread is so pretty! I took advantage of a Memorial Day sale and ordered a new quilt that I've been looking at for ages… It hasn't come yet but super excited for a new look, It's been YEARS.


  4. Happy end of the school year!!! So exciting. Also – I love that bedding, very simple and elegant. I'm sorry that your couch is stressing you out…I hate how DIY projects also make you think you are saving money but you usually tend to spend more, trial and error, mistakes, bad judement ugh. But I know that finished couch project is going to be so worth it for you!


  5. Yay for the end of school! Lucky lucky!I wish I had an extra grand in my bank account, too. Big time! :)Did you see RHONY last night? I can't STAND Luann!!!


  6. I thought it was really neat how all the girls instantly thought of Bethenny's company once they heard the name of Sonja's and how they brought it up to her, too. I felt like it showed respect! They are kind of crazy, though. Guess that is why it is good tv!


  7. Yay on finishing your school year, girl! It's almost summer time!! Sorry the couch project is turning out to be so frustrating:( I've noticed that with fabric-related projects, too. They always turn out being so expensive! Grr.. I hear ya on the \”extra $1,000 in the bank\” thing… Hope it all works out the way you'd like!


  8. YAY for the end of school and the beginning of summer break!!!! Can't wait to read your post on the books you read in May. I try not to keep soft drinks in the house anymore either so I won't be tempted to drink them. It's been working great so far but every now and then I'll pick up a coke on the way home lol. LOVE that bedding set from Target. Of course Target always has the cutest things! We just got a new comforter there for our guest bedroom. I could totally go for an extra $1000 in our bank account right about now 😉


  9. I LOVED Me Before You, I seriously didn't want the book to end! I'm waiting for my sister to finish the book so we can watch the movie! I hate when I start a DIY project and then second guess myself about it all the way, but I'm sure you will make it look great and hopefully save enough money on it :)! That bedding set is so pretty, hey if you save money in the couch project, maybe you could splurge on it :)! Ugh Tipsy Girl is a total steal from Skinny Girl…I would be pissed too! Yay for being done with school and enjoying the summer with family!!


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