Currently {July}

Hello hello blog world.  Once again I’ve been absent, but this time I have a good excuse!  I’ve been MOVING! And since I’m sure everyone has moved, you know how stressful and time consuming the entire process is.  But I’m officially moved in, everything has been unpacked, and pretty much organized.  So I can say with confidence that I will be back to a much more regular blogging schedule from here on out.

What better way to jump back in then with a “Currently” post.  These are some of my favorite types of posts, both to read and write!  I love going back and seeing where my head was at each month and I love reading them because they give you insight into other bloggers!

So, this month I am….

Reading…. In between books at the moment.
 I can’t find one that has captured my attention.  I just finished reading A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas and really enjoyed it.  Like a lot.  And I really want to read the second in the series but I’m hesitant because the third one isn’t out yet, so I’d have to wait.  But I don’t think I’m gonna be able to wait too much longer.

Feeling….excited, content, nervous, and happy.  Last night was my very first night solo in my new apartment.  My mom was an absolute angel and came down for a week and helped me move.  It was so nice having that time with her and she was a HUGE help.  I seriously don’t know how I would have done the move without her.  She went home yesterday so it was interesting being MY apartment for the first time. It was a definitely a mixture of emotions but overall it was amazing!

Drinking….hot tea.  My favorite hot tea, Twinings Lady Earl Grey.

Watching….The Bachelorette: Men Tell All Special.  I know I know. But I was pretty into this season and I wanted to see what all the guys had to say to Chad.  Plus I wanted to see Luke again. Heart eye emojis for days.

Wishing…. That I had the funds to finish up the decorating of my apartment RIGHT NOW.  I still need curtains and throw pillows (for both my bedroom and the living room), a jewelry holder, a floral arrangement, and some fun prints for my gallery wall in the living room.  All these things will be purchased piece meal, I just need to wait for my next two paychecks! 🙂

Thinking about….EUROPE!  It was at this time last year that I was romping from country to country with Jenny and Katie.  It was literally the best vacation ever.  And I have been dying to go back since the day we got home.  I can’t decided where I want to go next though.  It’s between a UK tour, a Germany tour or a tour of Eastern Europe.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip!

So just in case you’re interested, which I know you all are! : ) I’ve linked my posts about each city!  Just click the city name to read all about our time in each city! 

Looking forward too….August 12-14!  My friend Whitney is coming to visit for the weekend! She’ll be my first house guest and I can’t wait for her to get here!  I guess I’m also looking forward to going back to work too.  I guess. 

Wanting….this rug.  I feel like my apartment won’t feel 100% complete until this rug is in my living room.

Loving….that everything in my apartment is mine.  This is the first time that every single piece of furniture in the place I live belongs solely to me.  It’s a strangely satisfying feeling.  I’ll be doing an apartment tour soon.  But there are a few things I want to get before I officially take pictures of the whole space.  But I will be doing an apartment tour on the Snapchat tomorrow morning! 🙂

Needing….a hair cut!! I said this in my last post I think and it’s still true.  I’m still hating my hair and it’s getting a bit ridiculous now.  So this may be one expense that I say F-it to and put it on my credit card.


Alrighty that’s all I’ve got.  Be sure to come back tomorrow as I’ll be sharing all about our trip to Washington DC this summer!

Have a great Wednesday! Linking up with Jenn and Jess for “What’s Ha-Pinning”!

9 thoughts on “Currently {July}

  1. I can't wait to see your new apartment this weekend! I know what you mean to finally have a place that feels like yours with all of your things to decorate how you want! Everything will get there soon, just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day, and pretty soon your apartment will be be done!


  2. I'm so happy for you that you finally have your own space and get to live by yourself, without having to think about anyone else. It's a nice feeling for sure! Love all of your travel pics. Now you have me wanting to plan another trip! haha


  3. yay for moving! i feel you on decorating, our house still isn't decorated because i always spend the money on something else, like travel. speaking of, all your pictures look amazing. how do you jump so high?! hahaha. i can never jump well in photos. your apartment looks awesome in all your snaps, you have great style! i love me some hot tea, but i haaaate earl grey hahaha. and yes that is exactly why i haven't started the court books yet because i hate waiting!! the 5th throne of glass comes out in a couple of months!


  4. Super excited for your move! Also. Somebody literally told me about that tea at a conference. She pulled out her tea bag that she always kept in her purse and gave it to me so I could try it. I still need to try it though. Now I'm even more excited!Also. I actually find that I always really like not quite having all of the things that I need for an apartment or party because that means that I can have adventures searching for the perfect one of them. I'm currently not on the hunt for anything, which is making it really hard to go on random walks.


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