What You Missed

I let the blog get away from me last month.  Per usual life got in the way and this little space of mine took a back seat.

But there is officially one week of school left before Christmas break and my time is about to really open up.  Thank god.  Between traveling, school, and basketball I am exhausted.  Thus why I’ve been asleep on the couch by about 7:30pm every night and haven’t made an appearance on the blog since October.

A lot has been going on in these parts.  Here’s a lovely little life update to catch everyone up to speed!

1. Thanksgiving!

This year we spent Thanksgiving with my uncle and aunt in College Station.  My bestie was getting married the Saturday after and since the whole family was invited, my parents and brother, came to my part of Texas for the week.  We’ve never really done Thanksgiving with my mom’s side of the family so it was great to spend some time with them!

2. Another friend tied the knot!

Jenny got married over the Thanksgiving break and it was absolutely GORGEOUS!  It was super classy and elegant and everyone had a fantastic time.  This was wedding number 6 for me, as far as being a bridesmaids goes…I have now out done the “three times a bridesmaid, never a bride” saying twice over now.  womp womp

3. Christmas decor is up and about in my apartment.

Obviously!  I have loved the Christmas decor in my little apartment this year.  It totally makes the place feel way more homey and I wish I could keep it up all year long.  But then, I guess that would take away from the excitement of the season huh!  I will definitely be enjoying it while I can though!

4. Another round of Christmas card pictures in the books.

Nathaly and Family

Jason, Josie and Abby

This year I took Christmas card pictures for two friends from work.  Round one was my friend Nathaly and her family and round two was with Josie and Jason, who I took photos for last year!  I am really pleased with how both sessions turned out.  Photography has really become a hobby of mine and I am loving it!

5.  A weekend at the most magical place on earth!

That’s right, another trip to Disney is under my belt.  But this trip was extra special because it was the first trip to Disney World for Brynn, my bestie Jordan’s adorable little girl.  She’s 4 months old now and will not remember a single moment of the trip (obviously) but the rest of us will and that’s what matters!  I got some amazing pictures of the trip and am once again so very glad I bought my Canon camera.  It really has been one of my best purchases.


It’s been an eventful few weeks and I know with Christmas just a few weeks ago, it’s gonna be even more so.  This little space of mine has been neglected for far to long now and I plan on changing that as we wrap up 2016 and say hello to 2017!

Have a great Monday!

Linking up with Biana, even though this isn’t at all about my weekend! 🙂

7 thoughts on “What You Missed

  1. Beautiful photos! I love Christmas decor as well. It's so relaxing to just rest in my living room with the lights on, etc.I really want to go back to Disney! I haven't been since I was young.-Laurenwww.shootingstarsmag.blogspot.com


  2. You have definitely been a busy bee lately! Every time I go on Snapchat it seems you're on a new adventure 🙂 So glad that life has been keeping you entertained, but YES to this being the last week and having some down time!


  3. You really have been so busy, and I feel like we need another dinner date to catch up on life in general! But it sounds like that might have to wait until after Christmas break! I loved seeing all of your snaps of Disney while you were there, and of course we switched places and I was so jealous of you while you were there!


  4. Sometimes it's so tough when life gets in the way, blogging totally gets put on the back burner. 2017 sounds like the perfect time to get back in the groove of things! Yay for getting more photography practice, when hubby finally wears down and agrees to a photoshoot, I'm calling you…it may be for anniversary pictures :)! I'm so jealous you got to experience Disney during the holidays, it's a dream of mine!


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